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  • Important discovery

    If you browse while logged out, you dont get a pop up with EVERY link you click on!!!!! Makes a change
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    if you use a decent browser(not Internet exploder!) you dont get popups at all if you choose to disable them!
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      Godsend Zak.

      How do you disable popups. I have internet explorer, but in my browser, on any site, popups open faster than I can close them!!

      How do you disable popups?
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        i dont know about ie because i dont use it.
        in opera there is a quick preferences option, that u get to by just pressing f12 or clicking file->quick preferences.
        it gives u the following options allowing you to quickly change settings such as audio java and popups incase you need to en/disable something for a certain site quickly!

        aviation chat on irc: #[email protected]