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UK Home Office bans smiling

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  • UK Home Office bans smiling

    THE HOME OFFICE has ordered British people to stop smiling on their passport photograph in a bid to save the country from a terror attack.
    It seems that the British stiff upper-lip is required so that photos can be scanned by digital readers. The reader will compare the photo with the person standing in front of it.

    According to guidelines issued for all those who want a passport their photos must be "looking straight at the camera, with a neutral expression, with their mouth closed".

    Apparently a cheesy grin will chuck the scanner, which has an allergy to teeth, completely out of wack. Photo booth companies have been forced to update all their machines to ensure that the pictures are acceptable under the new rules. The Home Office said its requirements were in line with new international standards for biometric face-recognition schemes.

    However, it does mean that the face of the British traveller will always be of a sad, brain dead, blank faced moron, which is hardly good for the National image.

    It is bad enough that foreigners have to put up with sad, brain dead, blank faced morons quaffing too much laager, demanding fish and chips and shouting "donít you speak English or what?", without seeing a picture of them as they enter the country.

    The Inquirer

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    Get with the times dude, this story is from last year-they even have a picture of the home secretary who got kicked out of his job last year......

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      This is what happens when you don't read the date of the article.
      Here is a good lesson for y'all kids.


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        All I have to say is WTF


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          It says that here on our passport applications...No smiling!
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            Damn colonials. Did we beat the Motherland on this one?


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              Yup, we were banned from smiling just over a year ago