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Scandinavian language?

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  • Scandinavian language?

    I'm not sure if Finland is Scandinavian but do the Danes, Swedes and Norwegians share the same language? whats it called?

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    Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian - three different languages. And of course, Finland is in Scandinavia as well.


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      What Philip said

      Although, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian CAN sound alike to a foreigner, we (the scandinavians) consider them very different.

      I'm a Dane myself- I'm able to understand Norwegian and Swedish perfectly (not everyone is able to though), but they're still different to one another, trust me. Let's take a simple word like hedgehog:

      DANISH = pindsvin
      NORWEGIAN = pinnsvin (note the spelling)
      SWEDISH = igelkott

      As for finnish- now THERE'S something completely different it doesn't resemble neither Danish, Norwegian nor Swedish (although some part of Finland speaks swedish), and many people wonder why they're considered a part of scandinavia at all.


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        The airline of Finland would have been part of SAS, but the agreements was stopped cause at that time The Finns were at war against the Mother RUzziA .. now this is stupid , if only they continued the agreements SAS would have been one of the major "Airlines" now ....

        oh my jebus, Im sorry . wrong topic..

        Anyway the three language is very much the same, some told that it originated from the german language,, i dont know if this is true ..

        the understanding between these language differs from one to another, like Janni said, she can understand all three, but the finn lang. is a sort of distant dialect of the scandinavian languages..

        I for myself made a mistake once in our restaurant, I had this norwegian couple who spoke in "norsk" to me, and i replied, can you speak english please, coz I dont understand swedish,!! that what i told them, Oh no, we're not swedish, we are norwegians, I apologized for mistaking them as swedish, they laughed a bit, my boss did make fun also saying that im "FIRED" once we got away from the table, he asked me suprisingly " dont you understand norsk ? .. anyway my conlusion is that sometimes, it can vary from one to another, some can understand one, some dont . as for the finn language, i Think its much more complicated to understand, cause like i said before, its not alike the three scandinavian languages...
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