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Another pic thread- have you ever...

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  • Another pic thread- have you ever...

    -found a picture on JP or any other aviation site and realized that you were sitting inside the plane when the picture was taken?

    Kind of stupid, but every time I check out a/c that I know I've flown on, I always check the dates to check if there'd be any chance that I was actually on the plane while the picture was taken I think it'd be quite a memorabilla to have a picture where you know you're sitting inside the aircraft pictured (been wondering whether I should pay John to take a few shots on the 2nd of Oct when I'm leaving for NRT if he had time/was up for it)

    I don't know if it's just me, but I find it interesting- so show me the pics if you have any!

    ... please?

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    Someone should stick a JP.NET sign in their window when they fly over In-N-Out next to LAX.
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      Someone on my CPH-SIN flight back in 2004 spotted me wearing a Jetthrust t-shirt... but it wasn't photographed, unfortunately


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        Only a couple of times up to now....

        In July last year at SFO...

        "Mustang Sally" lands at SFO. The NW bird behind is N240NW taxiing to the end of the runway for take off. - Photo taken at San Francisco - International (SFO / KSFO) in California, USA on July 18, 2004.

        and while heading to FRA earlier this year...




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          ofcourse i have time to shoot down some jp-netters. (with a camera)

          you just tell me time of the dep. okey ..
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            - proudly wears the company's new colour scheme as it holds short of runway 6L - Photo taken at Toronto - Lester B. Pearson International (Malton) (YYZ / CYYZ) in Ontario, Canada on May 15, 1999.

            This had to be one of the best-looking color schemes ever, too


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              I'll have to make up a "JP #1!" sign for my next trip. Now if someone would just take a picture of a Beech1900D :|


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                I can just imagine the feeling At least for me, it'd be something great to see a pic of the plane I'm sitting inside.
                I think I've found at least one CPH Aviation shot a few the 31st of March this year, I think my mom and I are on the OY-MRL Maersk he shot, but I'm not sure (as I have no idea what time of the day these were taken)

                Just a little OT.

                Originally posted by OY-KBN
                ofcourse i have time to shoot down some jp-netters. (with a camera)

                you just tell me time of the dep. okey ..
                That sounds GREAT, John, thank you so, so much Scheduled departure is 15:45 and the a/c is (like my signature says) an a343. It's supposed to be flight SK0983. I can keep my cellphone on and notify you if there's any delays, but we can sort all of this out when we come closer to the date by PM

                I'll make sure to hold a sign!


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                  My dad & brother were on this plane & I was on it the next day:





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                    I posted this on another website

                    Australia bound!
                    Sep 3 ICN-KIX JL964 767
                    Sep 3~4 KIX-BNE JL777 747


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                      Originally posted by jannichan
                      been wondering whether I should pay John to take a few shots on the 2nd of Oct when I'm leaving for NRT
                      Hey that's my birthday! Out of all the days in a year you said my birth date, woooooow that's amazing!


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                        Yep, i'm on the aircraft in the following pictures:

                        1. MAN-SIN-ADL

                        2. LHR-SFO

                        3. MAN-FRA

                        Two of those are the same as Dale's, that's because I was with him.


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                          If anyone ever flies into DAL between 12:00 and 13:00 local time, I'll get your pic. It's during my lunch our and I almost always eat outside facing the tamac.
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                            well...don't know if it counts, but the cockpit of my flight was pictured in-flight AMS-DUS:
                            and this one, Coming From London:
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                              Richard, of course that counts Cabin shot, flight deck shots, ANYTHING as long as you didn't take them yourself

                              Due to unfortunate events, my Japan trip has been cancelled But if John has time, he'll be shooting me on the way to LGW September 23rd where I'm heading to JFK (well, gatwick/london for one day and then off to NYC

                              ... if I'm not unlucky enough to make this go wrong too