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I hate my job!

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  • I hate my job!

    My summer job officially sucks due to a multitude of reasons. I work in the shipping department for my father's (no, he doesnt own it) cellular phone distribution company. First of all, this is Dallas, its hot all summer---real hot. Unfortunately, the warehouse I work in doesnt have airconditioning...its like an oven if the temperature goes above 80. I've walked outside on 100 degree days and felt cooler than I did inside the warehouse. Second of all, the hours are completely assinine, this company has absolutely no economic efficiency when it comes to its employees--tonight wrapped up my third day this week of working a shift that was 12+ hours. When I signed on I was told that we would work from 10AM to about 7PM...tommorrow I head into work at 7AM and most likely wont leave until 10PM. I mean, its like these idiots (my managers) are paying 8 workers (all of us in small package shipping) probably 100 hours in overtime pay. Call me old fashioned, but wouldnt it make more sense to hire 2 or 3 more workers so we could get the work done in a more timely manner? The lead in shipping is a complete idiot, we ship using computers all day, and this genius needs help with everything when it comes to using a computer.

    I hate it!!!!

    And dont tell me to quit, I've looked for jobs. SMU student (like they need the money...) has taken all the jobs in my area.

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    Okay since you need the money for school you are going to have to make the best of it. Think of the money you will make for school and how much less debt you will have later on. Do you have to wear a uniform? Do they let you wear shorts and a t-shirt?

    Quite often it is cheaper to give overtime rather than hire more staff. Getting rid of them in the slow times can cost a company money.

    And as for you boss being an ass, so is mine. I figure people are promoted to their level of incompetence. It gets them out of the operation.

    Its tough but that short term pain of a job will help later on. And you always tell your kids later to get their ass in gear as you have had it worse.

    Basically you have to keep smiling and drink water. lots of it. I bet your Dad is happy to have you around


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      Buy out sounds like a nice job.


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        My job sucks most of the time. On the two-week pay period that ends today, I worked 109.5 hours over 10 working days. Three of those days were 8 hours or less, the other seven were at least 10-12 hours. Today was the earliest I have gotten off in a long time. That many hours would be great if I were an hourly employee; I'm salary, so I get screwed big time in the pay department. I haven't kept the same schedule the two months I have worked there, they change the schedule practically every other week. They have either changed the start time or changed the off day (it went from 10 on 4 off to 9 on 2 off 1 on 2 off, and that 1 on has changed from Thursday to Friday). There are days when I'm done with my work and we have to wait until the last drivers come back and unload, so I'm sitting there for 2 hours waiting around doing nothing; my supervisors and my bosses aren't even on the same page, heck my bosses don't even know what going on around there half of the time. They make stupid decisions like demote the warehouse manager and replace him with someone with no warehouse supervisory experience. I got back from my route around 11:00 this morning, the warehouse crew had come in @ 10 and then went on break @ 11, meanwhile several orders that needed to go out ASAFP were sitting there waiting to be pulled. The other day the new warehouse manager irked me really bad. I was walking around the magazine section checking to see what titles were available in the warehouse (like my supervisors tell us to do in order to better stock the stores on our routes) when he asks me rudely "What are you doing? What order are you waiting on?" This jackass up until a few days prior have been doing the same job as myself (and rather badly). I responded, "I'm checking out the line to see what titles are in stock to better order for my stores." As I walk off, I mutter, "Unless you've got a problem with that!" He seemed to forgotten that the CSAs are his customers, and the customer is always right.


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          Ptbodale, I need the money to pay my father back for the money he loaned to me last semester...My beer spending was 7 times what it was budgeted to be (I'm in college)! I also need to have some money for next semester, although I plan to get a part-time job while at school. And I'll also need to save for a vacation towards the end of the summer. We have to wear a full suit and tie in the warehouse (jacket on at all times) Just shorts and a tee-shirt.

          Luckily (or not-so-luckily during my weekend), I dont have any friends in Dallas. As I went to high school in Atlanta, and moved to Dallas with my family after graduation. So, I really dont spend any money on the weekends.

          Srbmod, I'm sure I saw you at some point during the day and a half I was delayed at ATL a couple weeks ago.


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            I know it can be tough. Any of your work mates half decent to work with? Quite often having a partner at work makes it easier and help come up with ideas to stay out of the bosses way.
            I wasn't trying to be a smart ass about your Dad. Parents like to have their kids around at work. My Dad had me working part time in the garage. I didn't want to be a mechanic but it made him happy to have me around (and I'm not a mechanic now!).


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              School Sucks all and big time
              My other work doesnt suck so much...

              my REAL work wont suck in anyway

              guess what will it be?


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                Flying planes!!!
                "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

                -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'


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                  Ptbodale, every one else I work with doesnt know much English! Nearly every one of them is a Mexican immigrant. I know Spanish, but I really choose not to use it. Luckily, I havent heard them talking behind my back about me. I get along with my bosses (Americans), mainly because I am the only person they can joke around with and ask advice from.

                  Actually, half the time my father is out-of-town on business, but when he is in town he works across the street in the office building. He rarely comes into the warehouse anyway, except to give an informal tour to a business associate.

                  The reason I had him get me this job is because jobs are impossible to come by where I live in Dallas (there is no growth, and there is the never-ending supply of SMU students to fill jobs).


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                    I know its hard to get summer jobs up here too. I have 4 nephews (16 to 21) that were all looking for jobs. Two were lucky, but two still searching. Peterbroough isn't known for high paying jobs anymore since Outboard Marine moved to back to the States taking 3500 jobs and G.E went from 5000 employees to 1500.
                    AC used to hire a few hundred students in YYZ alone. Now it's zero.
                    The only thing I can relate to on the language front is when I worked for AC in YUL HDQ and my fellow workers spoke French all the time and I was not bilingual. It was a tough year. (I can curse pretty well in French now).
                    I guess the bright spot in your job is a) you are making money for school and b) it's not a life job as you are going back to school


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                      Flying planes!!!
                      Hell yeah!!
                      Takes what it takes, be the situation how it is, COMMERCIAL PILOT UNTIL DEATH!!!