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I wish I made this much money.

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  • I wish I made this much money.

    Ok, since I was studing for math and wanted to make it interesting I decided to find out how much Johan makes. $5x12 months=$60 per user per year. So there are around 450-ish FC members so $60x450=$27,000! a year not counting ads and other stuff, I don't think you need that much to run a site, perhaps Chris can tell us how much it costs. Johan also hosts off a University server which probably isn't as expensive as a commercial server. Say however Johan got the 9973 users to pay $60 a year. $60x9973=$598,380 per year. My god no wonder he wants all the members to be FC! You can buy a web server for $9000( he could buy 2 and have $11000 left over.

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    i know it wont take alot off his "pay" but he has to pay for that "paypal", the store stuff right? and other things which would probibly only take a few 100 off.

    He also gets half the mony from photo sales and the store!

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      I think the big thing is with the amount of work that needs to go into maintaining the site he can't have another job. The site is his job. Therefore even if it was only 27k thats not alot to live on.
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