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    just a bit of info on what happend..i've had spine trouble for a while and i got out of the shower just over 2.5 weeks ago and i crouched to put my clothes on, the discs at L4 and L5 both burst at once and basically left me in extreme pain and a naked, crouched position for about 1hr before i could be clothed and moved safely. they had to sit me on a chair that was already low so that i didn't have to kneel or bend anymore to get on it, basically slide me on it, and i remained in a crouched/fetal position for a few days at RPH here where they were unable to move me due to the concern of fragments entering the spinal cavity/column/cord. if that happend then it's all sorts of trouble. they had to remove the discs and insert some other type for seperation of the verterbrae...the process took over 5hrs due to the nature of having to move things around in that area that are NOT meant to be moved.

    all up, it's a very hard and traumatic incident, i saw AJ a week after it happend and i still hadn't had the operation, i was doing pretty good, but i do admit when you get home and you know the process has barely begun it get's very daunting and emotionally draining, the rehab could take at the minimum 8 months! at worst depending on when it get in it will take closer to 18 months.

    so thanks for the thoughts and replies, it's much appreciated and i will let you all know how i get on, special thanks to AJ, Steve Gonzales, Dan V and the JP screening/admin crew for allowing me the time to get on my feet!!


    next trips
    USA/DXB August.


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      Get back around with us asap. Good recovery.
      Thanks for visiting
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