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    Its "fruity beer" because its for lamers who want to look cool but cant take hard liquor. So instead of just having a beer they wanna look touch and have a fruity beer...when in reality both are about the same.




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      Beer is disgusting i'll have you know! :P
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        JCS17 is a fruity beer a cooler? Like wine coolers or vodka coolers? I don't drink them so I'm out in left field with this one..


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          You guys call that adult beverage? Is it that bad in the US? We just call it alcoholic drinks...


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            Beverages like Smirnoff Ice are considered flavored beers, and even says so on the labels. Wine coolers are considered 'flavored malt beverages'. I'll drink a Smirnoff Ice or the like if I have no other choice (either the place has a crappy beer selection or they don't serve liquor). I have bought it to try it, and sometimes you don't want a beer. Damn, I may now have to crack open a Newcastle.


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              zak: 15-20 year old adolescents??!! At what age do people hit puberty where you are? I would, at the very least, take 18, 19 and 20 year olds out of that description. I think it's safe to say that 18+ counts as adults, even if they aren't allowed to drink yet in certain parts of the world.
              Around here, where the drinking limit is 16, young people are fairly responsible with their alcohol (yes, there are exceptions, of course), compared to other places with drinking limits at 18, 19 and 21 years of age.
              As for my favourite drinks: Vodka-Red Bull, Crown Royal and Cola, Apple Wine.