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    Well today my brother arrived for his two week vacation from Iraq.

    Maybe you guys remember this commercial and maybe you don't from the Super Bowl. My brother said as soon as his Omni DC-10 pulled into the gate at ATL and they deboarded everyone erupted in applause just as in the following commercial. It's amazing how much the troops are supported even if not everyone agrees with the war.

    Now when he arrived at CVG and we were there to pick him up; everyone knew why we were there. I mean my mom had red, white, and blue balloons (no clue why they were a waste) and I had my camera of course. Every single person coming up the escalator started whispering and they had the biggest smiles on their faces. Once my brother was in sight everyone waiting around's faced lit up with a huge smile and some people started to clap, all the while my parents crying. People from all across the terminal came to shake my brothers hand and I thought it was awesome. Every single one of them told him thank you and seemed so happy that he was home.

    I just thought I'd share this story as even though not everyone supports the war, the support is there for the troops. It was an amazing thing to experience. It's good people realize that they need the support unlike the Vietnam era.
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    It is good to see this type of support for the troops. The troops are only carrying out orders and aren't the ones who determine foreign policy. For this reason, I believe they deserve the support no matter what a person's view of the war is.
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      Yup... Every american should support the troops..

      Supporting the government, thats another story.



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        Agreed.....good story Tanner. Thanks for sharing!

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          That is such a great commercial, brought tears to my eyes.

          I am so glad your brother got to experience it himself. Such a warm welcome to your brother and all.

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            Thats awesome. Thank God we learned from the horrible hippies from Vietnam.

            Also, at Texas Ranger baseball games, there is often (3 times when I watched the last game the Mariners played there) standing aplause when a group of soldiers walks to thier seats.
            Pop quiz: Which US president said, "Saddam Hussein has spent the better part of this decade, and much of his nation's wealth, not on providing for the Iraqi people, but on developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them."
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              Good work George!


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                My best wishes to your brother.My thoughts to yourself and your family for the stressful time while your brother serves his country.Very emotional clip there, an action that was sure missing 37 years ago.

                Originally posted by wannabepilot777
                Thats awesome. Thank God we learned from the horrible hippies from Viet Nam era
                As has been said those protesters had every right to protest to the government but had no frigin right to target troops.That action will never be forgotten or forgiven in Australia.
                Hope your brother has a great leave (don't you guys call it furlough),and await his safe return after his tour of duty.

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                  Whether the troops are in combat situations or on peacekeeping duties we all owe our troops our thanks.

                  Good to hear your brother is home Tanner. Enjoy.