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Nice going Houston and Texas

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  • Nice going Houston and Texas

    I often read many negative and hostile comments in regards to Houston and Texas overall here and other forums for a variety of reasons and admittingly, I too have made some smug remarks about H-Town and the Lone Star State over the years. While Houston may not be showpiece metropolis like N.Y., MIA, San Fran (where I live), D.C., LA, NO and others, I would dare say that when push comes to shove, Houstonians, and Texans overall are amongst the most generous and hospitible folks in the US. This Texas hosptality is no more evident than right a this very moment at the Houston Astrodome as well as refuges in Dallas and Austin.

    Way to go Y'all.


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    Houston and Beaumont are two of my favourite places in the US. Good times there everytime I'm there.


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      They don't call Texas "the Friendship State" for nothin' WN just sent a flight to MSY full of supplies and it's going back to SAT full of refugees.
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        bravo Texas!
        In every organization, there will always be one person who knows what's going on. This person must be fired.