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** My 359th Post **

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  • ** My 359th Post **

    Just thought I would like to tell everyone that I have 359 posts.

    In honor of post number 359, I present a picture of my favorite piece of architecture; The Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

    Also... a picture of my favorite looking female:

    And a picture of my favorite model in my collecton:

    Thank you for this self indulging post.

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    Shes hot :P

    201st Post.


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      Some other of my favorite things:

      P.S. Post #360.


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        On the eve of my 100th pic (hurry up screeners!) I would like to put my favorite picture of mine here. (also in honor of your posts )

        NBC rocks!


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          copy cat


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            Originally posted by DeltaASA16
            copy cat


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              My 1302th Post! (damn I missed 1300 by two posts)

              and I dedicate my best (and only) shot to your and my success

              Parked on the apron at YOW.. C-CCFD. Beechcraft 100 King Air. is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!
              Click Here to view my aircraft photos at JetPhotos.Net!


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                In honor to my post 169 I dedicate this post to my success as future pilot, that SARS, IRAK nor Situation dont stop me and that a finally find a good girl....cuz this place is full of hot, but bitchy ones which I dont like....

                Ahhh of course!! Also to JPs and Everyone's success, and to the day I get a camera so I can start uploading!!



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                  Does anyone know whot that girl is? I just see her in the Victoria's Secret Catalogs every time but I don't know who she is.


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                    Dunno who she is...but i can say shes pretty damn hott.


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                      Can't see the pic. I'd like to though.

                      I hit 1000 a little while ago. I guess I could celebrate that here too!!!!


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                        Okay, here is to my 5 hundred something post.

                        My most viewed shot, best probably, but not favorite.

                        And my nicest looking .

                        And my FAVORITE . (Not the best, but boy was a happy to see here floating on into LAX)

                        Cory Klimko
                        Click Here to view my aircraft photos at JetPhotos.Net!