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Shots from my trip to Cyprus (14) Dialup Beware

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  • Shots from my trip to Cyprus (14) Dialup Beware

    Ok so ive just got back from 2 weeks in Cyprus (Ayia Napa) and would like to share a few of my 'Tourish' photos with you all...

    This is the apartments I stayed, in a perfect location, but with a Coffin Shaped pool. Ive stayed here on two other occations in the 10 years ive been visiting Cyprus.

    On the 2nd week I visited the 'Ghost Town' of Famagusta. The politics behind Cyprus is too much for me to go through now, but basically the Turkish invaded Cyprus in 1974 and took control of 37% of the island Illegally which left half of the capital under turkish control and the (at the time) tourist capital of cyprus, Famagusta. Here you can see I am in the occupied part (about 10% of the city is occupied by the Turkish, 90% is in 'No Mans land'.

    A turkish monument in Famagusta.

    Ancient ruins of Salamis, an ancient Greek gymnasium.

    As above.

    A painting of Hercules and a Serpent at Salamis.

    St Barnabas Church on the outskirts of Famagusta.

    As Above.

    St Barnabas Tomb at the church.

    Othellos Tower in Famagusta, apparently where the Shakesperes play was set.

    A gothic ex-church in Famagusta, now a mosque.

    A greek style windmill outside my apartments.

    A shot from Ayia Napa harbour before going on a boat trip to see famagusta by sea.

    The ghost town of Famagusta as seen from the sea, all the buildings in view have not been touched since 1974 as this is in no mans land. The area I was in is not in sight and is at the very far north of the city. There are still sunbeds and parasols on the beaches in some parts ever since the invasion. The city is too unsafe to go into as the buildings are not safe as many were bombed.

    Hope you enjoyed the photos, I may post more if I have time. Any comments are welcome.

    To see more about the situation and Famagusta visit these three links. They are all very interesting to look at and read about.

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    Coffin Shaped pool
    Do I dare ask why?

    Very nice pictures though...reminds me a bit of Rome/Greece.
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      Nice shots Jase. Lots of interesting scenery. Now where's the shots of the totty on the beach?



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        Cool shots.. now maybe you can devote a little time to meeting your screening quota.
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          Originally posted by indian airlines
          Do I dare ask why?

          Very nice pictures though...reminds me a bit of Rome/Greece.
          Let me guess...