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My senior European trip

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    Originally posted by ptbodale
    Leave your "chick" at home. You will have more fun as a bachelor.
    most definately true!


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      My list would be something like:

      Swiss Alps (Interlaken, Grindelwald, ....)
      Munich (NOT for its beer), or Saarland (BECAUSE of their beer)
      Something around Alsace (Strassbourg and surroundings)

      And I'm sure, this list is missing tons of other great places .....

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        Places I liked in Europe:
        -Paris. Probably my favorite city in Europe, right up there with Venice.
        -Amsterdam. Your class may not do it, but if you're in a small enough group, see if you can rent a houseboat & stay on it for a few days. I'll see if I can find the website for the rental agency, but we did it last summer & it was really fun.
        -Lucerne...go to the top of Mt. Pilatus if you go there. Neat trip.
        -Normandy Beach...worth a visit if you can get there. I went in 2000 & the weather was terrible, but it was still interesting to see where D-Day took place.
        -Stuttgart/Sindelfingen (Mercedes-Benz factory's nice & the part of Sindelfingen where I stayed was a nice town.)
        -Hinterzarten, Germany. Cool little town.

        I've also been to Luxembourg, Florence & Brussels, but in all three cities, really didn't find a whole lot interesting. The Atomium in Brussels was interesting, but was really showing its age when we went up in it. They planned to renovate it a few weeks after we left, so it may be nice now. Florence was a nice city, but I didn't find a whole lot there. We also went to Stratford-upon-Avon in 2003 so I could see Shakespeare's home for a project I had to do when I got back to the US. Again, not much there, IMO.



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          -Hinterzarten, Germany. Cool little town.
          Actually, the whole ''Höllentall'' Can be recomended, From Freiburg to Tittisee, also, If you have your diving License, Don't miss out The ''Tittisee'', the original town was flooded, now you can dive in the ''Tittisee'' and swim between the older buildings, real cool experience!
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            Some other places that were not mentioned were:

            Lisbon, Portugal - it's incredibly scenic and still alot of fun to visit.

            Nice, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, France - great vacation town for the french and a must see.

            Barcelona and Madrid, Spain - great towns that are incredibly historic. Definite must see if youare a history buff.

            Mikenos (sp?), Greece - PARTY ISLAND!!! Great for party animals.

            Athens, Greece - Once again, if you are a history buff then it's a must.

            Prague - Go! No questions asked, it's too scenic to miss.

            Also, normally the school gets catalogues for feild trips where they get discounted prices and special packages. My AP European History teacher got the catalogue and then planned the trip (The Euro trip was his yearly habit...) and then we jsut had to pay him. The people that went paid online or via check and then they left early that summer- a couple days after graduation. They flew ATL-Italy on DL then took the train all over Europe stopping at the best spots, and then ended up in London. There he allowed some to stay in Europe (they have a couple days before their tickets expire...) and the rest returned home.

            P.s. TAKE THE TRAINS....I heard that it the best way to travel through the scenic country side.

            Oh yeah, and he said to us that the "Anti-Bush i.e. Anti-American" is strong in some nations, so just be prepared...
            Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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              Originally posted by bobby
              Come to the contiguous states
              I have decided to go even further south. I am planning on going to New Zealand and Australia.
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                Originally posted by bobby
                Come to the contiguous states

                Anywho, I think you'll find this website to be very helpful:
                Click below.



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                  Go to Bratislava. It's in Slovakia. You can tip the bus boy a nickel and he/she will quite. You can drink absinth all night long and perhaps catch a brother and sister kiss.



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                    Haha sounds like it would be fun. It seems like right now it's a little overwhelming since there's so much to do! I think I would shoot myself ,though, if I forget to go spotting...
                    Bobby DeBarge
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                      Originally posted by Alaska Air Rules
                      I am planning on going to New Zealand
                      Good choice, NZ won't disappoint, especially If you visit the right places.

                      Originally posted by screaming_emu
                      I'd highly reccomend anything within the triangle of Munich, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. I used to live 1 hour south of munich for 6 years and I absolutely loved it. Man I need to go back. The Bavarian alps, and the towns in them are simply awesome.
                      Man is there any where you haven't lived? From memory you lived in Japan for a while too.


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                        While in Germany:

                        If you're an aviation, automotive and technology freak, then going to the "Deutsches Museum" in Munich

                        and the Speyer/Sinsheim museums are a must!!