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  • Windows XP Pro, origional

    I'm wondering if anybody knows how/where to obtain a copy of WinXP Pro (Home would be fine too) that does not have anything like SP2 installed. I just want the older versions of XP without any service packs, but I don't know where/how to get it, is there any place online still selling these? I bet they would be cheaper now, since the ones with all the SP and what not are out?

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    Why do ya need it?


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      Service packs are not extras, that cost more, they are fixes for all the mistakes and bugs that were not taken care of properly before M$ began releasing the program to the market. Nobody will still carry older versions and if they did it wouldn't be sold at a discount. And you really would not want it anyway. You would just be leaving yourself open to all sorts of bugs, security risks and exploits.