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Music is your favorite to listen to when you are doing something fun?

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    When I'm doing something fun I usually listen to the Crunk/Dirty South stuff. Always gets me hyper.


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      I'm open to many types of music. But most of time I'm listening to Chinese pop (Canto, Mando pop).

      Here's a music video of canto-pop (not very good quality). "Bikini" by GiGi Leung.
      Most of you won't understand it (duh! ), but you can just listen to the beat.



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        Ahhhh... music. I like to bring the ipod to work and listen to some tunes while fueling up airliners. I also bring it when taking pictures. Nine Inch Nails, (new and old. Hey isnt it crazy that you can listen to tunes from back in 1989, and they still play those songs on the "new rock alternetive stations?") Stabbing Westward, NOFX, Crystal Method, Prodigy, some rap, country, talk radio.... Pretty much whatever. NIN is my favorite, but theres alot of good stuff on the radio now too.....


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          I'll listen to anything that has a decent groove to it, though some music I won't go out of my way for.

          For for fun? hrmm..Music for what kind of fun?

          - "Mild and non-life threatening (Day)" kind of fun -- More upbeat...just about anything can go here though.. Juno Reactor and/or Infected Mushroom is good..
          - "Mild and non-life threatening (Evening)" kind of fun -- Any releaxed electronic or even pop(!?) (Lush, Snog, Cherrie Blue)
          - "Can we get arrested for this?" kind of fun -- Not so noisy maybe even a little sleazy electronic, or punk. (Thrill Kill Kult, Die Warzau, UKSubs, Poison Idea)
          - "OMG! WE'RE GONNA DIE!" kind of fun -- Noisy industrial. (DIN, Sheep on Drugs, Grendel, Wumpscut)

          -- Last aircraft picture taking tunes iPod load featured (Hasn't changed in a long while):
          Frontline Assembly - Tactical Neural Implant (Fav.track: Mindphaser)
          Delerium - Spheres (Fav.track: Monolith)
          Delerium - Spheres 2 (Fav.track: Shockwave)
          Intermix - Phaze2 (Fav.track: Monument)
          Infected Mushroom - I'm the Supervisor (Fav.track: None yet, haven't listened enough)
          Juno Reactor - Odyssey (Fav.track: Laughing Gas)
          Lush - Gala (Fav.track: De-Luxe)
          Snog - Beyond the Valley of the Prole (Fav.track: Businessman)
          Snog - Third Mall from the Sun (Fav.track: Land of the Bland)
          Voodou - The Blessing of Curses (Fav.track: For Thyne Enemy)

          much "head nodding" ((C) - Mr. Greg Wilson)

          This Krispy Kreme coffee is really messing up my stomach. Stupid Krispy Kreme


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            Classic Rock and Western Classical.



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              Mostly hip hop, and some metal.