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Alien Versus Predator.. for real in the Everglades

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  • Alien Versus Predator.. for real in the Everglades

    Check Out this story from the Miami Herald.

    Excerpt: A giant exotic snake's fatal mistake of trying to swallow an alligator has provided scientists with strange new evidence that pythons are continuing to spread in the Everglades.

    Snake VS Alligator

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    yeah, my friend and I just had a conversatoin about that, it went like this

    friend: apparently the gator was still somewhat alive and tore hiis way out

    me: I've had mexican food that tried to do that...


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      It must have left a heavy and very stinky smell after the carcasses have been dead for one week.

      I like this part.
      The Burmese python, invader of the Everglades, and the American alligator, monarch of the Everglades,''
      The first observed encounter in the park occurred three years ago when awestruck onlookers at the popular Anhinga Trail boardwalk witnessed a tussle between a 10- to 15-foot snake and six- to nine-foot gator. That fight, which lasted an estimated 24 hours, ended in an apparent draw,
      * Snake says to the gator*
      Snake: "Okey we've been fighting for hours now, My skin hurts."
      Gator: Yawn. "and my jaw hurts, yup, let's continue next week"

      Both swimming off and vanishing.

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