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First Gay marriage in Pakistan

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  • First Gay marriage in Pakistan

    Not with approval though and held amongst Afghans who practise this in Kandahar normally

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    It'll be many generations until something of this calibre becomes acceptable in Pakistani society... if ever.

    It's unfortunate that this man/boy couple will probably end up dead sooner than later.
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      Why should it be accepted in Pakistan when many western and eastern secular societies are not approving of such things, besides the boy who happens to he UNDER AGE according to civilised world laws mainly from the west, he was bought from his parents and the guests attended without knowledge of the relationship, only after the wedding celebrations were almost over did the boy step out into public view and everyone was appalled and left, they dont deserve to die but the fact is no western country would even give them asylum keeping the boys age in mind, best if they move to Kandahar where this practise is almost the norm.


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        Actually, outside of the typical religious right movements, most Western societies are becoming more and more accepting of the gay lifestyle, especially since it is becoming more and more obvious that homosexuals don't just wake up gay one day, or simply choose the lifestyle. The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and my own home country have already legalized same-sex marriage, this will only continue in other Western nations going forward.

        Note that I also referred to the coupling as "man/boy", indicating I am fully aware of the age issue.... that being said, neither deserved to be killed by backwards tribal elders/etc who do not approve. The reality of that matter is that much of the rural Afghan/Pakistani society is at least 500 years behind the rest of the world in terms of development... not something that will change overnight.

        best if they move to Kandahar where this practise is almost the norm.
        You think so? Isn't the Kandahar region the most conservative and extreme of all of Afghanistan? Is this not the area where loyalty/support for the Taliban fundamenalists is the strongest?
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          *content removed to prevent a flame-fest*


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            Do I see slavery and paedophilia here besides homosexuality or it's just me?

            Is the boy really homosexual or just a sex slave?

            Appalling by any means, in my opinion.

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              Source: The Jang Newspaper of Pakistan.


              NOTE: I could not find the exact link to the article that is why I am posting here.


              Reports of gay marriage termed baseless, fabricated

              Kashmir Khan Afridi

              PESHAWAR: Terming as baseless and fabricated the reports published in media about "gay marriage" in remote Tirah valley of Khyber tribal agency, the two persons accused of entering into the most controversial agreement, said it is the propaganda of their tribal rivals.

              A jirga of the elders of Afridi tribe and religious figures held in Tarkho Kas area of remote Tirah valley Thursday chaired by Haji Namdar Khan. Noted chieftains from Mehraban Kalay, Langrosa, Spin Drang, Tarkho Kas and Tirah Maidan attended the tribal council, tribal sources said.

              "Both Markeen Afridi and the Afghan national Liaqat Ali appeared before the jirga and stated on oath that they did not entered into the most talked about "gay marriage". They told the jirga that the propaganda had been circulated by their tribal rivals only to defame them," the sources further informed.

              Both were summoned to jirga as per tribal traditions and customs. They were asked to clarify their position on oath.

              Markeen, hailing from a dominant Afridi tribe, uses to transport goods to the inaccessible Tirah valley on mule and donkeys. Liaqat also does the same business. Both are married persons and have kids, according to tribal sources.

              Meanwhile, Shah Hussain, Markeen’s father spoke to reporters in Bara on telephone from Tirah and defended his son. "My son is a mature person. He runs the business of mules and donkeys and uses to transport goods to the inaccessible mountainous region," he said.

              "Our enemies have spread the rumour only and only to defame us. The people of this area cannot think of same-sex marriage. There is no concept of this practice here," he explained.

              Commenting on media reports he said, "At least they should confirm this before publishing it. The news has not only hurt me and my family but the whole tribe."

              Hussain said the fabricated news of gay marriage was so skilfully propagated as that of the hoax call of earthquake, which had spread across the whole province. "It was as baseless as that of "tsunami"," remarked the tribal man.

              A local Urdu daily reported on Wednesday that a 42-year old Afghan national Liaqat Ali contracted marriage with Markeen Afridi, 16.

              The report was also endorsed by BBC. It reported that the "marriage" was held in a proper ceremony in which loud music was played and guests were served with lavish feast. Friends and relatives of the groom fired in the air to celebrate the marriage.

              It quoted a local Millat Khan as saying: "I attended the wedding ceremony unaware of the fact that it was a gay marriage. I thought it was a male-female marital ceremony not of two men."

              Sources further said the jirga thoroughly discussed the media reports. After detailed deliberation the jirga could not trace the tribesman Millat Khan, who was quoted by the BBC and termed it a fictitious character. "If any person naming Millat Khan exists he should appear before the jirga and produce evidence of the marriage happened there," the jirga pronounced.

              The jirga also rejected the reports whereby it was stated that drums were beaten in the ceremony and people were served lavish feast. "People can hardly arrange traditional music programs in the valley. It is more than impossible to see musical band in a marriage ceremony," the sources quoted a member of the jirga as saying.

              When contacted a former federal minister and local elder Malik Waris Khan also denied the media reports he had been quoted in. "I have been wrongly quoted. I did not confirm any happening of gay marriage in Tirah. I have just told some reporters that I have read about the incident and lets see what has happened," he told The News on phone.

              Khan’s statement was made base by a foreign news agency for the confirmation of the event. The media report said that Malik Waris Khan had confirmed the news report.
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