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Off to the hospital!

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  • Off to the hospital!

    Well, people- like i told a lot of people in a couple of threads, I'll be going through surgery today. It's a minor surgery, so chances are I'll get to go back home this evening, but as I'll have to be fully sedated and I don't react very well do this, I don't know.

    So in case I'm inactive for a while, you know why

    Have fun while I'm gone- don't party to hard
    I'll see you soon

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    You'll be fine, Janni ! hope you for the best ! Get well soon and Pm me when you get back home, so we can go spotting !

    Talk to you soon !:
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      I hope everything will go well and that you have a speedy recovery


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        Don't Worry About It, I've had several minor surgeries where I had to be fully sedated as well...I don't react well to it either but in all of them I was able to return home that night.

        Anyway, have a very quick recovery and hope you feel better!

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          Just think of it as taking back your own money that you paid to the government for healthcare! You don't have to pay (unlike those suckers in the US) right? j/k

          Remember to post your return journey from New York when you come back


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            I wish you luck. I also have had surgeries, 2 on my feet, and 2 in the mouth. I hate them. Enough about me, good luck
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              Good luck Jannichan, you'll be just fine I'm sure!


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                Hi Janni,

                I hope that everything went fine for you and that you have a fast recovery.

                We need you here!!!

                Take care.

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                  pfft, you dont need surgery, that's why god gave you two kidneys Hope all went welll and you're enjoying your drugs


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                    Thanks everyone!

                    I did return home last night although very drugged and with pains, so I wouldn't have been much fun online.

                    It wasn't as "minor" as I thought- it turned out to take close to 3 hours and it's not exactly pain free as I can certainly feel now

                    Originally posted by screaming_emu
                    pfft, you dnt need surgery, that's why god gave you two kidneys Hope all went welll and you're enjoying your drugs
                    Thank you- the drugs are ok


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                      No pictures?



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                        glad your feeling ok and back among us Janni!


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                          Originally posted by Genessee
                          No pictures?


                          Glad it went well.