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Second 7 star hotel opens

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  • Second 7 star hotel opens

    Abu Dhabi's new Emirates Palace Hotel, the site claims it to be a house of the late ruler, but its not, in any case it is ostentatious

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    HOLY SH*T!

    That's SICK


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      That's incredible That would take me a while to get used to. Luxury for me now is sitting on my couch with K.F.C watching Dr Phil

      Nice link LUNN


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        if i had that kind of estate .. i'd give it away


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          ... a place where you can get lost in your own room! Nifty!


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            Hmmm I think its beautiful... It only misses an airport in the backyard or a heli port..Please for god sake dont let Mariah Carey stay in that *hotel* if she have the dog with her.. I bet she will complain about it if she'll be rejected !

            They should have a No dog zone or something ! sorry for going off topic. I thought this was funny !

            The following isn't a hotel. It's a house! It's owned by the family of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan,
            the former president of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Abu-Dhabi !
            Hmmmmm ?????
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              HOLY FU*K

              I'd get lost in no time flat in there!!!!!!!

              You could rent out parts of that place and make MILLIONS!!!!

              Thats INSANE



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                s**t and I'm just happy if I have enough groceries to have dinner...damn that would be nice


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                  I could afford that no 1:600 scale


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                    So, seeing as how this place is in the UAE, where's the private runway for the soon-to-land gold-covered A380 .


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                      Good old UAE, that is where the rainbow ends, didn't you all know that?
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                        next trips
                        USA/DXB August.


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                          Its a lovely Palace, just what a king deserves..

                          Loved that little image, on the corner !
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                            Originally posted by screaming_emu
                            s**t and I'm just happy if I have enough groceries to have dinner...damn that would be nice
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                              Awesome. I couldn't stand myself if I had that much money, but thats still a bitchin house.
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