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DVD's that are based around a crashed aircraft.

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  • DVD's that are based around a crashed aircraft.

    Two that come to mind and are definately worth a watch for those who havent seen them they are;

    Alive: The true-life adventure of a Uruguayan team of rugby players who survive a plane crash in the desolate Andes Mountains in 1972. For 10 weeks they struggled against impossible odds and freezing temperatures to stay alive.

    Cast Away: Tom Hanks is Chuck Noland, a man in a hurry. His job for Federal Express has him traveling the world on a moment's notice, exhorting the company's employees to speed things up--"never turn your back on the clock." When he's suddenly called away for business on Christmas night, his tolerant longtime girlfriend Kelly drives him to the airport, with Chuck telling her, "I'll be right back." But an unexpected storm cuts the plane's crew off from radio contact and blows them off course. Chuck is the sole survivor of the resulting crash, and washes up on a completely deserted island.

    Is there any other good movies like this floating around?

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    Theres on and I think its a 767 and it makes an emergency landing in a field and theres aload of kids playing in it. I remember when I was watching it the engines said GE on it.



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      Probably the movie based off the Gimli Glider....
      Try to catch me flyin dirty...


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        What about US Marshels? (Sp?) With Tommy Lee Jones. That has a 727 with (I can;t belive it) an actual 727 cockpit. It was almost realistic.
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