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Is Janni an alchoholic?

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    Originally posted by avro_arrow_25206
    Right... but what about when he goes home? Does he go home?
    He goes home. But chances are that he won't get much sleep if he has all the forums to keep track of (*cough*addict*cough*), so he sticks to the crew forums Also, he comes home pretty late (shifts normally to 7 or 10 in the evening, then 1-2 hour bus/taxi ride home) so I think that's more than enough.

    He might come back someday, who knows

    Originally posted by DAL767-400ER
    Nah, he sleeps in VS' maintenance hangar at LHR .
    I wouldn't blame him if he did Getting home from work at 10-midnight I think those shifts are 12 hour shifts...


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      Originally posted by Jannichan
      1: he's not really deleted- still lurking around the crew forum and (sometimes) site related

      2: he still posts- in above mentioned forums- so his postcount still rises

      3: His job has nothing to do with his posting habits methinks.. He just doesn't want to be distracted at work (which is pretty easy the second you write "" in the address bar) so he doesn't visit the regular forums at all (unless someone *cough*me*cough* points out a thread to him)
      Ahhh, thanks for clearing that up Janni