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What an attitude in this day and age

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  • What an attitude in this day and age

    The admin of a Pakistani forum kicked me and some other members out on the following basis:

    "There's national tragedy in Pakistan. At time of this crisis, it is unfortunate to see some members playing politics and tarnishing image of Pakistan Government, Armed Forces and different organizations and individuals who are involved in relief efforts.

    The kind of irresponsible attitude shown by some of the members in recent days is not acceptable at this forum."

    Its like getting kicked out of this forum for criticising the US govt. for mishandling hurricane Katrina affairs, keeping in mind these forums are of independant hobby sites and not state run propaganda ones.

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    That is why I left that crappy forum long time ago. We all know he is a retard and often takes decision to impress his friends.
    You only have one life...

    Make wise decisions and live freely.


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      And what forum are you guys talking about?
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