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Do you wear a metal braces?

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  • Do you wear a metal braces?

    I wearing a metal braces yesterday.

    So, how do you feels the metal braces on teeths?

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    I remember when I got mine 2 years ago. I always used to ask my friend what they felt like. Now I have em for 2 years and I don't care anymore. What really bothers me is this stupid pallet expander...I haven't been able to feel the roof of my mouth normally for 2 years+


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      Feel weird when they tighten them and when you first get them. I have had mine for a year and a bit.


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        I don't even notice mine anymore, unless they tighten them. But, I should be getting them off in a few months.
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          I just got mine off this past May. They werent as bad as some people made them seem. The worst part is when I got two surgeries on order to pull two teeth down. Ouch.
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            Used too. Hated those suckers! Glad they're off!


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              I got mine off about a year ago and have to still wear this confounded retainer every second night. Still, it felt great getting them off, I kept rolling my tongue over my teeth for the next day or so


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                When I had my braces on, I had to where this metal thing called a headgear for about a year at night. It stuck out of my mouth and was held by a stap that went around my neck. I hated that thing, i think it gave me brain damage or something.


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                  I used to. For 4 years

                  What bothered me the most was all the stuff I wasn't allowed to eat- especially caramels and some sour candy that I REALLY liked. But other than that, it didn't bother me that much.

                  I can't describe how good it felt when i got them off though Even though, technically they've only reduced my overbite by a millimeter or so while it should've reduced it by 3