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Sunrise and marching contest

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  • Sunrise and marching contest

    Today was the day of UIL marching contest for us. Last night we had to leave after halftime to get home and get as much sleep as possible for contest. We got home from New Braunfels, where the game was, about midnight, but i didn't get to sleep until about 1am, and we had to be up at the band hall at 530. I got there on time. It was cold outside, but it paid off. We did a runthrough before we left for Waco.
    Everybody standing around outside before we got started trying to stay warm.
    Charter buses arrived and we started loading. (I didn't use the flash) We had 4 buses.
    We left about 630 or so while it was still dark. Then the sun started to come up.
    This was my view of the sunrise just before we turned off of 29 onto I-35 in Georgetown.
    There was a little moisture on the windows, so I just wanted to see what I could do. I like this shot. That blob in the bottom right corner is my friend sleeping in his seat.
    We got there, got everything unloaded, and went to warm-up. Then showtime came around. We were the only band in the morning performances to get straight 1s. We're going on to area next weekend somewhere in Austin.
    This is the only shot I got of our trophy so far.
    ...and, as usual, the boosters made bbq, which is always good.
    After eating, we carried on a tradition that last year's seniors didn't do. We got to shave our band director's goutee. Only seniors get to if we make a 1st division at contest.
    These are all the seniors in band. I'm in the white shirt in the upper left corner. Usually you don't get a pic with me smiling in it. This is one of those rare occasions. The sherrif in there is our escort. He's such a dork at times. Our director is in the middle with just his head sticking up. He looks pretty funny with a clean face.
    Anyways, we're going to area next weekend. Our football team lost last night 49-22, and our record has sunk to 3-5, our worst record in years. Our chances at the playoffs are down the drain. The Esprit de Corps is what people come to the game for, anyways. Our show this year is an arrangement of "Inchon" by Robert W. Smith. It's a cool and effective show we're doing.

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    Nice! Looks like you guys had a blast.

    Thanks for sharing.


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      ...and our school won a contest sponsored by HEB, so tonight we get the world's largest bbq pit to come out (80ft) and Charlie Robison is in concert in the parking lot. Today has been a really good day.