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Getting a Job (Starbucks)...any advice?

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  • Getting a Job (Starbucks)...any advice?

    Hey all- I'm hoping to get my first job at Starbucks this year. Any advice/experiences/things you wish you had known? What sorts of things should I expect them to ask in the interview?

    Adam- didn't you work at Starbucks for a while?

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    Don't all employees get health insurance at Starbucks? Thats awesome. Come to Seattle. We have so many of them, its just amazing. Its one of Seattle's only good qualities.
    Pop quiz: Which US president said, "Saddam Hussein has spent the better part of this decade, and much of his nation's wealth, not on providing for the Iraqi people, but on developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them."
    George W. Bush is not correct. It was Bill Clinton in his 1998 State of the Union speech. HMMMMMMMMM.


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      I worked at a Barnes&Noble Cafe which served Starbucks. Soo.. I was kindalike a halfass Starbucks Employee.

      I wouldnt be to concerned really. The only challenge I had was learning the differences between the drinks, and how to make them. Certain drinks take certain combinations of flavors, expresso, milk, etc. You'll get it down though after a week or so.

      As for advice/experiences/things you wish you had known

      My Advice to you: Don't eat too much of the foods out of the bakecase.. that shit is high fat like you wouldnt believe.

      Experiences: I really enjoyed steaming the milk. It was calming and at times fun to do. Foaming it up for a cappucino ..

      What I wish I had known before I started: Well.. I can't think of anything right now. I know starbucks are usually busy where i'm from. So, I wouldnt go in there thinking you'll get to sit on your ass and drink frappacinnos all afternoon. Give a whirl.. even if you only work there a few weeks. Hey, now i know how to make Cappacinos, Fraps, expressos, and mochas for the rest of my life.. Something to pamper the girlfriend with down the road

      Good luck!



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        I can think of something you might need to know .....

        ...........How to make Coffie!


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          Originally posted by Converse_Buddy3
          ...........How to make Coffie!
          Just don't spell it like that and you might get the job.....


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            Smile and be nice, especially to the old ladies. They will tell your boss how nice you are.

            Be on time!


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              Originally posted by Showtime100
              Just don't spell it like that and you might get the job.....
              Youve got me there!

              I love Starbucks its lovely! Hope you do well and get the job!


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                I had a girlfriend that worked at a Starbucks. I was like the character Tweak from Southpark for eight months.