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Why two Congo's?

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  • Why two Congo's?

    Is there some plan to merge the original Congo and DPR Congo that it was changed from Zaire? normally two countries with the same name merge into one.

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    Why two Congos, please read
    Separated by the river bearing the same name are
    - Congo DR, formerly Zaire and before that Congo-Kinshasa and before than again Congo-Léopoldville, which was granted independance in 1960 from Belgium.
    - on its nothern rim and along the opposite riverbank stretches Congo-Brazzaville, also independant since 1960, but administered until then by .... France, which also termed the territory as French-Congo.
    - keeping the ways of working inherited by the colonizer, each country followed its overwise rarely smooth path into the decades.
    - potentially, Congo DR is a very, very, very rich country, alas, Civil War between 1960 and 65, then Mobutu rule until 1997, followed by Desiré Kabila, himself assassinated and followed by his son Joseph have not helped things to resettle, quite the reverse. For info, when in the rebellion, Kabila senior was much more remembered for his talent in finding cold beers whichever the location by Che Guevarra and his Companeros when they tried setting a beach-head back in 1964/65 ....
    Today, and as a legacy to Mobutu's decades of sheer ignorance, litterally every body keeps ignoring what goes on at Kinshasa especially when located at either 2,500 kilometers or so distant Lubumbashi or Kisangani, equally far away from both Kinshasa and Lubumbashi
    - Unlike its huge neighboor, Congo-Brazzaville has been fortunate enough to evolve in a somewhat more peaceful history for the inhabitants' benefits.
    As a matter of fact : merger is just IMPOSSIBLE at least in the short and medium term, among others, it would require Congo DR first to RESTORE its domestic integrity, NOT at all granted.
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