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  • is acting really weird...

    The site is backed from a long down time and this morning, the posts don't have to be readed by a moderator before adding to a thread. But, it's now turned to the idiot POSKY forums, about all of the forums groups (exept the admins) posts need to be readed by a mod before adding to a thread. What forums do like this? But that rule is stupid.

    The administrator dosent have an official annoucment that will show that the posts will be read my a moderator or admin. There are other admins, exept John which is the master of the forum.
    Irfan Faiz Nazerollnizam. Computer geek and gamer

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    I'd love to give my 2 cents, but I can't really make out what youíre saying. I thought I was lazy with the English language (no offence )


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      That is actually a very common rule... it's annoying, and it takes time, but if the forums have experienced a lot of unneccessary/offensive posts in the past and this works better than anything else, I guess it's ok... having to wait 12 hours to see your post on the forum is quite annoying though, i agree on that...

      I haven't been on that particular site you're mentioning though, but I know a couple of danish forums that do this.


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        I dont mind it at all. That comment about the "Stupid POSKY Forums" would have been removed. I think its a nice thing to do if theres alot of problems with members.