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  • UFO or NOT

    On the KRON4(SF Bay area news) website there is a story of people seeing strange lights in the sky, from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. To me it seems like there just airplanes.

    Here is the web address(IT HAS PICTURES):

    The very first picture seems to be a possible airplane. It appears to have green and red strobe lights and maybe a front landing gear light. The other pictures I have no idea.

    What are your guys thoughts on this.

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    Looks like an airplane to me.

    The other ones semm to be a product of a guy being funny with a camera exposure (or photoshop) and or illicit drug use.
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      green=right wing, white=landing/recog lights, red=left wing


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        Originally posted by screaming_emu
        green=right wing, white=landing/recog lights, red=left wing
        For sure, but there are some things a photo can't show like sound and speed.

        You'd assume the witnesses could tell the difference between an aircraft and a U.F.O, but on the other hand people never cease to amaze me. :rolleyes:


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          The third one is too easy. Here. Here's a picture I took in LA of planes on approach to LAX at night. The camera used a long exposure (auto mode) and I obviously have unsteady hands. Here's what came out.

          Looks exactly the same to me.


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            The second and third pics on the article are long exposures with out using a tripod


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              Yeah thats what I thought the last two pictures were. I think it was just a big hoax. Also I notiched that none of the other channels said anything about it, probably because they could see they were just airplanes.

              Don't know if this makes a difference, but I just found out that the pictures that are on the KRON4 site is from a video tape. Also I found out that during the past year there have been other sitings in the Bay Area. But I just think this is a very big hoax. Yeah I believe there is probably alien life, but until I see the UFO's with my own eyes I wont believe anything that people say that they have seen.


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                Now now, don't spoil other people's 10 seconds of fame


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                  Exactly, let them enjoy it while it last. Lol. Those will be attacked with critiques anyway, as soon as experts get to see this. Just typical Kron4 I guess for sending this out. Everybody can see that that is a plane. (Evidence # post nr. 3 .) and that the second and third is taken with a slight exposure. Dumb photographer for playing with the cam. If he'd only stood still, maybe we get to see that UFO more clearer than on those slight blurry pics.
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                    I have no doubt they're planes.


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                      Maybe it a plane