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    What I dream about I cannot disclose such information on this forum
    Ryan Davis
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      Originally posted by ExpressJet145
      What I dream about I cannot disclose such information on this forum
      Saying that is no different to tapping someone on the shoulder and saying "you'll never believe what just happened" then while the person is waiting in anticipation you just shrug your shoulder's and walk off leaving the person to wonder.


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        My dreams are pretty elaborate. One started out with me flying on UA175 on 9/11, except it was a 763 not a 762. And when it hit the world trade center, it didn't blow up. It just more or less sat there in the buliding, all in one peice, and everyone got off and walked away. I got off the plane, and it was in my classroom. No clue how that happened. Then raptors came through the windows and started eating people, I climbed into an airvent and escaped while the raptors devoured the whole class. Then I rode ex-49er's Quaterback Steve Young in the form of a winged sentar(half man half horse) to saftey. I remembered the whole thing when i woke up and wrote it down, because it was awesome!

        I think I had lots of dreams where I'd be looking out the window of my house in the hills above SFO watching the planes where one would crash. I remember a dream where a NCA 742F took off of 19L and then stalled and exploaded in downtown Millbrae. It was pretty realistic, and it distroyed the BART station and all sorts of stuff.

        And then I remember one where a UA 744 landed on 19R and overran the runway. It crossed 101 and hit a few cars but then came to a hault. I went down to watch as passangers came down on yellow slides, then all of a sudden the engines started and all the passangers who just went down the slides were sucked into the engines and the wings and most of the plane exploaded. After the explosion I picked up a scrap of metal and the local news weatherman Spencer Christian was lying there dead with shrapnal in his chest. That was pretty crazy.


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          I've had quite a few (not that I only dream of planes... I SWEAR I don't only dream of planes... I really don't ...

          Among others, the 9/11 dream... where everyone survived ... a few other crashes as well (most of them 744s... even in my dreams, I look at the safety cards...). And then, the normal flying ones where it takes around 5 minutes to get to Japan or Australia and sometimes, you don't even remember flying there

          But really, I don't have that many dreams about planes, my brain is too messed up for that

          EDIT: Oh! And a recent one! There was a cessna crashing... me and my friend was watching it. Once it had crashed, we ran to the site... when we arrived at the site, it was a tristar, not a cessna... high wtf factor there...

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            I dream about clowns.....they try to eat me.....


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              Originally posted by screaming_emu
              I dream about clowns.....they try to eat me.....
              Poor emu! *insert hug/comforting shoulderpat emoticon here*

              You sure you shouldn't see a psychiatrist for that?


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                Also sometimes I dream there's a angry monkey living in my room...

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                  Originally posted by BA747-436
                  I dream of girls not planes

                  but whatever floats your boat
                  Dreams of the "liquid kind", Dan ?