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  • Greetings Boys And Girls!

    I just wanted to introduce myself ..

    I am going to be your new virtual babysitter. Those that play nicely will get milk and cookies points. I haven't yet decided what will happen to those that crash and burn.

    So buddy up ! I don't want anyone getting lost.

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    Darn, too bad the emoticon directive is in effect.....they would of summed up my response perfectly....

    Oh, and yes PHLY girl, so you think you have to babysit me, being 27 years old and all?


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      As long as the "babysitter" is legal, I am also for being looked after!!!


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        Yes, better safe than sorry!


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          I'm curious as well... (I think this will develop to be a INTERESTING thread at the least!)


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            The babysitters of this forum are all of legal drinking age.

            Here's AmyB and PHLYgirl in action (I'm the one with two different haircuts and, as reported to me yesterday, a fat, smelly a** ):


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              Hi Amy! (so you two know each other)? Now, I definitely have to make sure I don't "crash and burn"


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                Yep...I'm afraid that rumors of the maturity-based entertainment has traveled fast to the other forums in the Chris Kilroy franchise...and the adults are descending upon the forum. I know PHLYgirl from the "other" forum.

                And it sounds like she's looking forward to getting to know all of you!


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                  Originally posted by kaddyuk

                  Never mind, I like an older woman who tells me what to do
                  Just make sure you don't visit Ft. Jackson to experience it (learned during my Army days)....that'll change your opinion real quick!


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                    No wonder why it got real busy in here all of a sudden AmyB! I'll be good regardless, I promise!


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                      Never been to Miami Beach unfortunately...then again, my favorite beach has to be Santa Monica!


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                        Lesson 1 - Don't Hit On Your Babysitter

                        Originally posted by kaddyuk
                        If the baby sitter is good looking and has a nice body and is looking for a boyfriend, then I am all for being looked after
                        Okay boys - I am going to perform a little public service / civic duty / goodwill gesture here for you.

                        I'll be taking any questions on how to "score" with women. Or anything else you want to know about about getting yourself a woman to wash your clothes or cook your breakfast or whatever. You know, like your mom does for you now.

                        Kaddyuk, you'd better pay special attention.

                        Most "chicks" don't "dig it" when you look at the shallow things about them. They like to be appreciated more for their personality or knowledge about things in the REAL world. However, telling them they're "hot" on occasion doesn't hurt, but you kind of have to temper that with a lot of "you're a great person" and "wow, you're really smart about airplanes and stuff". THAT's what chicks dig.

                        Second tip: I have my doubts any of you will ever get the chance to score with Penelope Cruz.


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                          Second tip: I have my doubts any of you will ever get the chance to score with Penelope Cruz.

                          Who said anything about scoring? My life could end instantly if I could first have a talk with her on a park bench some sunny summer afternoon...thats all I ask for.



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                            I've known most of the methods of impressing for a while now (I can always expand my knowledge further though)....


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                              Originally posted by kaddyuk

                              Originally posted by kaddyuk
                              Which beach do our babysitters prefer?

                              I just realised something, SXM is sometimes associated with

                              sado monasticism

                              I can see I have my work cut out for me.