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  • Age of Empires or II

    Has anyone played this game? I ahve Age of Empires one and two, and they're both great. NOt perfectly historically accurate, but it beats the hell out of those dumb game where you've no clue on whats going on.

    For those who play, how do you win? I just walk in, kill, walk out. IS there another way?

    Fior those of you with no clue on what I'm talking about, try for more info. I highly recommend buying it if you're into strategy games.

    So...what you think?

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    I still play Age of Empires II. Yea, I love classics.
    Anyway I think that game is 'too easy' and historically inaccurate. I mean, as a person who is really into European/World history, most of the campaigns included in the game are inaccurate. Also the nation's building that you can build are often either too old or too new for those times. Plus the game has too many bugs. And I hate how like let's say a church that would take years to build, takes 5 seconds to complete in the game.

    I used to play Cossacs, great game, perfect historic accuracy, great detail, but again bugs and bugs. The game was just too dynamic, and the battles were pretty inrealistic.

    And then I found that great game, it's called 'American Conquest'. It's from the creators of Cossacs, a Russian gaming studio, so the graphics is great. As I am into American history, studying it a lot recently, I find this game to be a great representation of historic event, from the era of Columbus to secession or even later.
    The visuals in the game are awesome, the variety of objects/characters is huge and most importantly the game is historically accurate. For me this game is perfect.
    If you want to learn more about American Conquest, look here:

    Anyway, I think that AC is better that Age of Empires II, if you look for realism and accuracy. If you want to just go and kill then AoE is better


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      I enjoy Rise of Nations
      You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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        Been a while, huh?

        I still play Age of Empires II, though I also bought Rise of Nations and Age of Empires III along the line. Historical realism is fine and all, but let's just go out and kill those evil Frenchmen! I don't really care too much about the church bug or the realism since I -and I'm sad to admit - just want to build a massive economy and kill virtual people.

        If AoE bothers you, the last technology you research in Rise of Nations lets you make units instantly--just like that!