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    Originally posted by srbmod
    And you're their King......
    Because he's the least retarded?


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      Originally posted by Mungous
      Because he's the least retarded?
      A wise old man once said "there's a little retard in all of us." Soooooo that's something to ponder on I guess.


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        Originally posted by indian airlines better watch what you say, we might just spray you with some DHMO.
        Nooooo, not that!!!! I'll tell you anything you wanna know!!! (not)


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          Okay the joke is over!

          For those of you who voted 'yes' (which to be honest I am suprised at the numbers) heres something to think about:

          Di mean two
          Mono means one

          Dihydrogen monoxide = HO = Water

          Yes, water. I don't know how many of you voted yes as a joke or what but you should consider re-sitting high school science!

          Everyone else who did figure it out thanks for playing along.


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            Very clever stunt Mungous. Needless to say I was in on the joke all along.


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              Yes I voted Yes for playing along followed by a secret message !

              Great joke once a while doesnt hurt at all.. Well done to all players who kept the stuff "dangerous" and wanted to get it banned

              Funny part of it is your body has already 70% of the Dihydrogen monoxide
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                I figure in a couple of months we could have a ban hydrogen hydroxide poll and people wouldnt make the connection! Man, it was great reading through these posts guys.
                Sam Rudge
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