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    Why is it, that in a world of information, people can not express thier views and oppinions about two of the biggest aircraft mfg. in the world? I understand that people can get into heated debates, and start slinging hurtful words. This should not be a reason to "ban" discussion about these two great players in aviation technology. If people feel that kind of passion, for anything in the world, I don't think they should be held back an opportunity to express thier feelings. However, if we could only keep the negitive comments and foul words in check, we could have a very good conversation about what is quickly turning yesterdays dreams, into todays reality. So the next time you see an Airbus vs. Boeing thread, don't be so quick to flame, and take some time to come up with words to back up your feelings. I would love to see exactly why people feel the way they do. On a forum like this one, with so many aviation professionals and followers, we have one of the best places for aviation discussion. Lets keep it that way, and try to respect each other's thoughts and oppinions. As for me, I love both types of steel birds, let's hope to see them flying long into the future!!!!

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    I think the problem with the A vs. B threads is that usually the debates are founded on absolutely nothing.

    They turn into one side simply stating "no, mine is better" and never once mentioning why they feel that way. Or if they do it is some dumb reason like "I dont like sidesticks"...even though this person has no experience with them and probably never will.

    There's nothing wrong with a nice healthy debate, but these never end up being healthy. Due to a overwhelming lack of maturity on the subject, it always resorts to name calling and spirals out of control reallly quickly.