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    Originally posted by JordanD
    I doubt there will even be pollution in 50 million years. Hate to break it to you, but the human race probably isn't going to last that long.
    I have to agree with you here, we will have blown ourselves up long before then! lol
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      I don't think the human race will be around for even 10 million years. By then, we would probably have gone to the stars or simply gone extinct - or even de-evolved into non-sentient species either on Earth or some other worlds out in the galaxy.

      But assuming we haven't completely wrecked the planet, life will go on. And ironically because of the human race, the mammals' reign could go on for a total of even longer than the dinosaurs! (While dinos ruled for 165 million years before the K-T Extinction, mammals have been in charge for only 65 million years since) But rats, other rodents and other hardy mammals like coyotes and pigs could diversify into other speices, taking up where species that extinct during the age of humans left off. This could set the stage for another 100 million years of mammalian dominance.

      Earth will probably have no more ice ages after 50 million years from now, as the sun is slowly brightening throughout the main sequence stage long before it reaches the red giant stage (4 billion years from now). By as early as 75-100 million years from now, Earth might become a hot jungle world, and by 500 million years from now, it could be a largely hot desert planet with shrinking oceans with a Sun that's 10% brighter than it is now. 800 million years from now, it will end up as a carbon copy of present-day Venus.