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Let's Have A NW Pacific Meet-Up! (Portland, Oregon)

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  • wannabepilot777
    I can't afford the airfare to PDX. I can find the money to get to SEA though/

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  • Let's Have A NW Pacific Meet-Up! (Portland, Oregon)

    Hello everyone.

    I'm gonna try and organise a weeekend meet in PDX for spotting/gathering. It doesn't matter which city as both are same prices. Probably not much to spot there and with the weather, might just have a gathering there. I'm looking in January, any weekend except for the MLK Jr. holiday. I figure probably the last weekend in January will be good for some people so they can have some time to check prices. I'll be there Sat. morning/early noon and departing sunday night, redeye flight and will be renting a car.

    If PDX, we can arrange a trip to Mt. St. Helens, or if a local is in town, he/she could show up around.

    I've never been there, so I do not now much. Which is why I want to check it out. Anyone game? Or have a suggestion, feel free.