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Any NHRA Drag Race Fans?

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  • Any NHRA Drag Race Fans?

    I love drag racing, maybe even more than aviation!

    My fave NHRA Drivers:

    Funny Car: John Force
    Top Fuel Dragster: Larry Dixon
    Pro Stock: Warren Johnson

    Anyone else like NHRA?

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    Yes, there's nothing like a 7000hp nitro dragster or FC ripping down the 1/4 mile in 4 and a half seconds! In fact, I used to do a lot of drag racing when I used to live in Canada.

    Although I must admit that visiting my first Formula One race was equally impressive, especially the laws of physics which seemed to be breaking when the cars braked, cornered and accellerated. (Don't forget, F1 cars accellerate about as quickly as a Pro-Stock car and then decellerate down from 220 to 60 mph in 2 1/2 seconds then corner and do it all over again and again for 90 minutes). Since then I've started doing a bit of road racing here (only for fun, of course). But I'll never loose my interest in Drag Racing!