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Wierd Browser problem

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  • Wierd Browser problem

    First let me say that this problem DOES NOT happen when I view THIS site. only But several people have told me that loads fine in their browsers. Maybe some programming guru's (or Chris [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img] ) would know what causes this.

    when I view photo pages the boxes are all stretched so you have to scroll way down to see a thumbnail. I have a couple screenshots:
    screenshot #1
    screenshot #2

    Now go to and see if the search looks the same on your browser, or normal. What would cause it to load like this in MY browser???

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    Wierd Browser problem

    Bruce it looks fine to me. I think you have a browser problem
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      Wierd Browser problem

      Could be a problem with the server or your IP. Also all that "multi-tasking" could do it. Maybe at the time the webmaster of was doing some upgrades to the website. That would also explain the situation.

      BTW: I have a website, but it's full of photos of cars. Here it is!
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