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Runway, trains closed at Burbank Airport due to terror threa

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  • Leftseat86
    They closed 15-33 and used 8 for landings 26 for take-off then...


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  • herpa2003
    BURBANK, Calif. Authorities early Monday investigated a big-rig truck parked near the Burbank (search) airport, after having gotten a tip that a truck driver was headed to town, possibly with terrorism in mind.

    The truck was on a road on the city border with Los Angeles near the northwest section of the airport. It was parked next to a so-called fuel farm where tens of thousands of gallons of aircraft fuel is stored.

    "We are investigating possible explosives on a parked tractor-trailer near the Burbank airport," said a Los Angeles police officer who said he was too busy to give his name. Television news helicopters showed officers walking closely to the truck. No driver was visible and the officers were not wearing protective gear.

    Authorities had been on alert for a big rig since the California Highway Patrol (search) in Barstow received an anonymous telephone call Sunday afternoon, CHP Officer Brian Joy said Sunday. The man told authorities that a big rig towing a 50-foot green trailer was on its way to the Burbank airport and would probably arrive sometime Monday.

    The caller was in an unknown location in Texas. He said that he used to work with the driver of the truck and that the driver's motive "had to do with the war on terrorism," CHP Commissioner Spike Helmick said Sunday.

    The Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport's (search) north-south runway was closed, and air traffic was diverted to the east-west runway. Passenger trains were prohibited from stopping at the airport.

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  • Runway, trains closed at Burbank Airport due to terror threa

    Just saw it on MSNBC, details are sketchy...the bomb squad is investigating a truck with a 50 foot trailer after a tip that the truck had explosives on board and was heading to the airport...more details soon