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    Originally posted by Tanner_J
    That would more than likely be the fact that your school has sub-par computers. My school is constantly ranked the best public school in the state; so the state decides they should spend more money on the other schools giving us nothing. We are trying to run on crappy machines; therefore it's not Windows fault; it's the crappy computers we are forced to use.
    Most of those computers are brand new. I think the only thing wrong is the software installed on the server. They probably got corrupted somehow.

    Anyway, I'm happy with WinXP and MS Office i use at home. I never have any major problems with them

    I'm a bit surprised that many of you are so defensive in your responses. I only intended to posted this as "light" news..


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      Zone Alarm
      Almost as good as Norton


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        Originally posted by Messerschmitt Man

        I'm sorry but it's common knowledge in Anti-virus/spyware circles that Norton's is the biggest load of shitware/bloatware/systemslowdownware known to man kind.
        Corporate Edition is pretty decent though. I get to use it for free from school.


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          As someone who has been using Windows since 1998 and with Mac since 2004, I can safely say that in my 8 years with Windows, I have had less crashes than with Mac OS 9 in 2 years. Guess it pays off when you know a "computer nerd" that can get you all the necessary security software . Plus, there are never issues with other companies wanting to send you data files and other stuff. Can't count the times I have had to use my Windows PC for work because our Mac at work couldn't open the Windows-generated files our customers sent us.