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    Originally posted by ojjunior
    This is a another interesting theory... thatīs the reason some people shown are with their heads covered...
    What about the photographer? Maybe a US-UK double Agent? Or maybe 00"8"?
    Oh yes!!! Good theory. The head covering is actually a disguise. The young boy is not really a young boy, but a killer monkey, trained by the SAS. The young girl is not really a young girl. She is an android, similar to R2-D2, but with better vocalization technology. That so-called instrument next to it is not really an instrument at all, but a new shoulder mount non-nuclear ICBM. They can turn the train into a mech-warrior if the situation gets too out of hand, there are specs and pictures on the internet that show a resemblance to that Transformer that was a boom-box.

    PLUS, I don't think the photographer is a double agent, but a triple agent working for the Kazakhstan government.
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