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Israel accuses BBC of anti-Semitism

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    What "weapons" did the BBC use? Concentration Camp?

    Funny and unsurprised accusation from Israel.
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      Originally posted by jwenting

      Which confirms the extremely biassed view propagated by the leftist media that Israel is the cause of all evil in the world and should be destroyed and its people gassed in deathcamps.
      Please, jwenting, would you mind to give us the name/URL of this 'leftist media' that state Israel 'should be destroyed and its people gassed in deathcamps', for the sake of YOUR CREDIBILITY!


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        My friend is a journalist with Reuters. When it comes to reporting, he says most of the reporters are pretty good at what they do and try to be as balanced as they can. There are, of course, those who he would call “activists” who are pretty jaded in how they report. Those are few and far between, but getting more commonplace. But generally, he feels that the quality of the journalists is still good, though it has diminished the last few years.

        The main problem, he says, lies with the editorial staff (the guys who put the stories together) because almost all of them come from a specific school of thought and it’s rare that they deviate from that point of view. And a lot of these guys are pretty aggressive and overbearing in how they showcase their perspective, often bullying the reporters into presenting something a certain way.

        He says every news vehicle is bad for that, but Reuters and the BBC are especially notorious. He also told me that he once met the BBC’s Tel Aviv correspondent and asked why they report the Israel-related stories the way they do. The BBC reporter said it wasn’t up to him and that the guys in London are the ones who make the finishing touches on the product, basically presenting it the way they see fit. But that is typical though.

        After he told me that (and other stories that really made me lose my faith in the media), I pretty much take anything from most mainstream news pundits, but especially Reuters and the BBC, with a grain of salt. I get my news from other sources, and there are plenty out there, especially on the web.

        Getting back to the topic at hand, my friend told me that the trickiest issue to report on is the Israel-Palestinian one. Both groups, like Airigami mentioned, have their own special interest groups that are too damn sensitive, so they complain and complain and complain. That’s about all he really told me about this, but he doesn’t think that most news pundits present this issue as balanced as they should. He also thinks they focus too much on it and not enough on other things.

        I trust what he said. He is a financial journalist, so he doesn’t deal with this issue at all, but he was telling me his observations from the newsroom and from the field.