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Not something that happens every day

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  • mirrodie
    sounds like a hit and run. did anyone get the other cars' license plate?

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  • herpa2003
    started a topic Not something that happens every day

    Not something that happens every day

    Today, I was sitting in my room reading when I heard a loud screech followed by a loud bang. I ran to the window and saw a car, totaled, that had just been T-boned by another car, which drove off. I called 911, then ran out to see if I could help. The lady in the wrecked car was ok, and it turns out, I knew her! She goes to my church. I started talking to her, and soon the fire dept arrived. They were there withing 3 minutes after I heard the crash, since the fire dept is right down the street. Just thought I'd share that...has this ever happened to any of you?