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I am sickened.

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    They were up here in Maine for a funeral, there is a biker group that follows them around blocking them with american flags and playing patriotic music so they can't be heard at the funeral.

    I heard they had such a turnout the church group never left their motel room. The guy that was running the local biker group was saying they have been sewing anyone that threatens them with the ACLU or other courts if it gets physical...


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      Theres a line on Religon, and she just crossed it, major. A lot of these people that are like this are accually mentally insane and have something wrong in there brain, so says my mum who has a degree in phsycology.

      I cant belive the words and shit that comes out of this womans hole, and how she sits there and smiles at the camera as the reporter lists off the bad things she supports.

      If there is a God up there, he (or she) would CERTAINLY not want you to act this way.


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        Originally posted by screaming_emu
        Agreed, they make a stop up here just about every year, doing the whole god hates fags speech. I've heard they have some bitchin lawyers and if you try to say something, they take you to court. Even if they dont win, going to court is probably a royal pain in the ass.

        That being said, and this from an extremely peaceful person, if I was ever at a funeral, and these idiots showed up, I would go to jail for what I would do to them.
        IIRC there are 11 lawyers in that family. There was something on TV about them many years back. It was almost just as sick.


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          Originally posted by Star Alliance

          I don't care if you agree with the war or not, but this is disgusting.
          Here is this psycopath's contact information

          Brent and Shirley Roper
          3640 SW Churchill Rd
          Topeka, KS 66604

          She'll be recieving a call from me tomorrow.
          That's hillarious!
          It seems like the only words she knows are "Lord your God"


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            What a pile of nuts....nice to see "God Hates Canada" as well; we would not want to be left out. There is a special place in heaven for people like this filled with so much vile hatred, the exit.