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May 1st is immigrantion boycott?

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    Originally posted by MaxPower
    Those are very good shots @ Dog. The seventh you got in is just perfect. A picture tells more than a thousand words.
    Couldn't agree more in both points.


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      Really nice pics devildog. I really like number 4.


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        Originally posted by DevilDog
        My whole thing on this stuff is that if you come into this country it should be the legal way. Another thing is that the Mexicans are the only ones that will do the hard jobs because for some reason most us Americans don't want to do them. So I'm 50/50 on it.
        On the AM talk show out of Boston, they had a lot of calls from people who had come in legally pissed about the ones coming in Illegally. One lady called in because she was going to be deported because her marriage had failed before the either 1 or 2 yr probation period. She had to spend $20 grand in court fees to stay.

        Another caller had to get a sponsor family and wait while everything went through, yet these people just walk over the border.

        And the comment that they are doing hard jobs is alittle off in my opinion, I didn't see any Mexican's down in the coal mines when they exploded, and you don't see them in the Alaskan Crab fishing boats where they have a chance of being tossed overboard.....

        They are taking the jobs in the fields where the farmers know they can pay $6/hr which no american would take. If they weren't here, the farmers/businesses would have to pay more to get the labor done.

        So far, I haven't heard any real drawback from their walkout, people actually liked the fact that lines were shorter and were hoping every day could be a national walkout day for immigrants


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          Yes O Canada was originally written in French. Not only that it was writtien for St Jean Bapitiste Day, a Quebec holiday.


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            Nice shots, Nick. All I know is A LOT of people from my school cut that day to go.