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  • Where in the *world* to live

    Ok after thinking about this thread ---> <---- I thought hey we are a world wide forum!

    If you could not live in the country where you live now. (USA, for me) where would you live?


    You can not live in the same country or an adjacent one touching your country. (I.E, I could not live in Canada, or Mexico.)
    You can not live in the country of your orgin. If you are an immigrant to whichever nation you live in now. (I.E) ATLCenter could not live in India. (Sorry ATL, you were the 1st person to come to mind)

    Ok I guess I would go 1st.
    After long and careful consideration I am picking (not my nose) French Polynesia. Specifically on the island of Huahine in F.P.

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    I'll take Bora Bora also in French Polynesia.

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      I would like to VISIT Russia or Poland but not live there.

      Living wise it'd probably be somewhere in Europe, maybe a good section of Austria or Germany. On the other side of the world it'd be somewhere in Japan (only if I knew the language though) because of all of their high-tech stuff they have that we don't yet.


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        Originally posted by kcmh
        You can not live in the country of your orgin. If you are an immigrant to whichever nation you live in now. (I.E) ATLCenter could not live in India. (Sorry ATL, you were the 1st person to come to mind)'s okay. Not really offensive, can't change the past, can ya?

        I'd probably live in Singapore. I went there in 2004 and it just clicked- the government takes care of its people to some extent and it hasn't gotten caught in this social liberalism that seems to be sweeping the world for some reason... Plus, it's a great place to do business and SQ's right on your doorstep ready to whisk you away. Great blend of urban life and wildlife escapes too, all on one little island. My only qualm would be a lack of seasons (85 degrees...year round ) but that's why the train goes to Changi and SQ bought A345s!


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          Rio De Jenero, Brazil.


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            As i said before I am going to live in italy (Sicily) probably in the city of Siracusa. That's the best place :]


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              Rural Germany, near the border of France, for no apparent reason whatsoever.


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                I'd really love to live in Israel!


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                  Baja, Mexico
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                    Uppsala, Sweden... except for cost of living, lol.


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                      Alice Springs Northern Territory Australia. Actually anywhere in Australia is great. We have friends in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Cairns.


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                        - Canberra, Australia - my best friend lives there... we're currently talking about getting an apartment together so I can spend a couple of years in Australia, working on a young person's visa

                        - Sydney, Australia. - my favorite city on this planet!

                        - Perth, Australia. - close second to Sydney... better climate, IMO

                        - Amsterdam, Netherlands. Just feel right at home in Amsterdam... can't explain why...


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                          -St. Augustine, Florida; which I consider my second home.

                          -Jacksonville, Florida; close to above, but bigger

                          -Lake Buena Vista, Florida; Lots of childhood memories about this place

                          Of course, this is just out of the places I have visited so far.


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                            hrmmm, for me it'd probably be Cork or Dublin Ireland, followed by some place in Britian, followed by some place in southern Germany.


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                              Originally posted by Henry
                              Uppsala, Sweden...
                              Hey thats a nice place. What made you think of this place in sweden ?

                              I have been there twice. Got some family living upthere.

                              Id say Fiji Islands..or Guam.
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