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    So tell me about your city/town...population, if/why it is famous or well known, etc...I'll start

    Watertown, NY

    Well known as- The "unofficial" second snowiest city in the US.
    Also known around the world as one of the most dangerous places to kayak. Came 2nd in contest for World Kayaking Championship location, some place in NZ won.

    Location-About a 6 hour drive from NYC, East of Lake Ontario, 26 miles from Canada

    Areas of interest close to the city- Fort Drum, home of the most deployed division of the Army, the 10th Mountain.

    Population- About 60,000 people

    Weather- Cold and snow in the winter, mild but not too hot in the summer. Isolated snowfall totals reached over 300 inches this year in the region.

    Airport- KART (3 flights a day to PIT)


    Favorite Hangout- Thompson Park
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    I live in Lancaster, NY.

    Location-It's a suburb of Buffalo. Probably around 15 minutes or so to the east of downtown, pretty big town.

    Population-Not sure.

    Weather-Cold winters avreaging around 120 inches a year of the white stuff. Summers can get a little on the hot side. For example, the high today was 88.

    Airport-KBUF we get around 90 Flights a Day from the following airlines:

    American Eagle
    Continental Airlines/Express
    Northwest Airlines
    United Airlines/Express
    US Airways/Express


    Favorite Hangout-not quite sure...i'm either at my house or a friends.

    It's a cool town if i do say so...


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      Medellín is known for several things, good and bad.

      Medellín is known for having the most going-forward-no-matter-what-happens people, as well as for being the most industrialized city here in Colombia.

      Medellín is also known for having beautiful women (of that I am an eyewitness) and kind people.

      Medellín is known for having the best public services in Latin America (water, phone, energy and that...) and for having the most strong enterprise in that field, Empresas Públicas de Medellín, EPM (through it's Internet service I am posting now).

      Medellín has the only Metro system that exist in Colombia, since 1995.

      Medellín is the birth place of lots of Airlines of Colombia, ACES, Sam, Tampa Cargo, Aerolínea de Antioquia, Searca, West Caribbean Airways (part Medellín and part San Andrés).

      For the bad, Medellín is known for having had the most deadly and powerful dug cartel, "El Cartel de Medellín", which was aniquilated in dec 1993 with the killing of Pablo Escobar.

      It has also had bad periods of insecurity and bombings due to Cartel wars, but that seems to be somehow controlled now, as it's a normal city in that aspect.

      Mall: Yes (lots of them!!!)

      Weather: Average 24 degrees celsius, which some rain some days.

      Airports: yes, It has two airports, Olaya Herrera Regional (SKMD, the Colombian Kai Tak) and Jose Maria Cordova intl (SKRG, very modern and nice airport, has won several awards).

      SKMD is served by Aces (until the ATR-42s are gone), Satena, West Caribbean Airways, Aires, ADA, Searca, Heliandes and lots of charter airlines, as well as private traffic.

      SKRG is served by Avianca, Aces, Sam, AeroRepública, West Caribbean Airways, Copa Airlines, American Airlines and some charter ones.

      Location: Northwestern Colombia, 400 Km northwest of Bogotá in a state called Antioquia (Medellín is the capital of Antioquia).

      Areas of my interest outside: Jose María Cordova airport (40 km to the orient).

      Population: Almost 3 million hab.


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        Outside of Charlotte and deep in the country.
        We enjoy cow tipping, early morn' shroom huntin', tabacky spittin, lighting cow patties on fire, bull ridin', and brawls at the local line dancin club.

        The population is about 200 human, 10,000 chicken and turkey, 2,000 cow, 800 duck.

        The local cops love to pull us kids over for exceeding the speed by 2 MPH and beat and mace us.

        Favorite hangout would be the rodeo down the street, nothing impresses a woman more then when you can tame a bull.

        I also like to makeout with random girls in the hayloft in our barn.
        "You can run but you'll die tired."
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          Perth, Western australia

          Nice place for surfing over 8.2million pax per year domestic only account for 25%, hot nearly all year round and we are experianceing a drought. girl wise some are nice some are not
          Some people in today's society are so thick!


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            Pleasentville, white rich people live here.

            North of Annapolis Maryland home of the United States Naval Academy.

            Suburb of Baltimore Maryland and Washington D.C.

            Boring beyond logical belief.

            Close to BWI and DCA.


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              I got two, hometown and school.

              My hometown Boca Raton, FL
              Airport is KBCT/BCT which receives a fair about of Biz Jet traffic. More than any other place I have ever visited except PBI at TET.
              Boca is full of early rich snobs or old people with one foot in the grave and one on the pedal.
              We got three highschools though only one Boca High(where I went) is technically in the city. The rest are in Palm Beach County.
              Yes Palm Beach County. Yes we can't vote. But it really isn't us, its the as before mentioned old farts.
              What else
              We got one mall and a downtown area called Mizner Park.
              Two Universities that you have prolly never heard off. Florida Atlantic and Lynn.
              You might have heard of the Boca Raton Hotel & Club which is basically the most famous place we have.
              And of course its where Mike Costigliola grew up so its defiently worth a visit.

              Now for Daytona Beach and home to my college of choice Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
              Daytona has one airport KDAB/DAB. Has three runways and several FBOs. We receive a couple Delta Md-80s, a few ASA and Comair CRJs including a 700 from KCVG, an ERJ from jersey, and a Beech 1900 from TPA. Oh yeah a SHIT load of Embry Riddle planes. If you fly here or spot here you will be so sick of 172s you'll wanna puke the next time you see one.
              Besides the airport we have the unofficial birthplace of speed Daytona International Speedway home of the Daytona 500. Its big. Its bad. And very loud. Whats not to like? Plus the grandstand makes an excellent place to see planes takeoff.
              After those two places daytona prolly qualifies as the armpit of the nation.
              We have Bethune Cookman College besides Embry-Riddle.
              Two Clubs...600 North and Razzles.
              A handful of Gun Shops.
              One Mall.
              And a beach you can drive on.

              And thats all folks.
              Try to catch me flyin dirty...


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                Originally posted by mikecweb
                Besides the airport we have the unofficial birthplace of speed Daytona International Speedway home of the Daytona 500. Its big. Its bad. And very loud. Whats not to like? Plus the grandstand makes an excellent place to see planes takeoff.
                Now thats one time i wouldn't be staring dead faced into the skies


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                  Duluth, Georgia is nothing too great

                  20 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.

                  Population: A lot, but not as much as some places

                  Airport: ONe international- KATL

                  Malls: 4 in my county

                  Hanging out place in Duluth: Town Green in Downtown Duluth

                  Subway connection: No

                  Buses: County public transport connects to subway system

                  ATL is known for:

                  1996 Olympic Games
                  HOme of Coca-Cola
                  Home of CNN
                  Cenntenial Park
                  Atlanta Hartsfield In'tl
                  Delta Air Lines
                  Stone MOuntain

                  All in all, I don't want to live here...would prefer someplace up North. But, my father's job brings us here.....


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                    My home for 11 months of the year, Arlington, Virginia.

                    Population: Not quite sure of the exact number, but we are the most densely populated County in the US. Arlington is the corner of land on the Potomac River that declared independence from the District of Columbia and joined the Commonwealth of Virginia. So, if Arlington was still part of D.C., the District would be more of a square. Roughly.

                    Arlington is famous for a few things, namely the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery and National Airport, all within the borders of this tiny County. We are bordered by the Potomac River (and Washington, D.C. on the other side), the City of Alexandria and Fairfax County.

                    Arlington is also one of the top five counties in the U.S. in terms of amount of education of its population. Montgomery County, also in the Washington metro region (but in Maryland) is also in the top five. Arlington has a bunch of universities including George Mason University, Marymount University and satellite branches of University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. Arlington is also incredibly wealthy. Shame I don't see much of that money... I think they get all their money from my parking tickets. Grrrrr.

                    My home for the rest of the year is my place of birth and where I lived until I was 20, Adelaide, South Australia.

                    Population of about 1.1 million. The city has to be the biggest small town in the world. It may have a population of over a million, but it operates like a town of fifty people. Everyone knows everyone else. It is very spooky.

                    Adelaide is very quaint. It is famous for being the 'City of Churches'. It has more churches per capita than any other city in the country. But at the same time it is probably the most progressive city in Australia. South Australia was the first jurisdiction to give women the vote in the world and the first state to give native Aboriginal people the vote in Australia. We also had a gay Premier back in the '60s. Admittedly he didn't come out of the closet until years after he left office, but come on - he wore pink shorts into parliament.

                    Adelaide and the rest of the state of S.A. is also famous for its world-class wineries (one of the most expensive wines in the world, the Grange Hermitage, comes from a winery about twenty minutes from my house), as well as its seafood and cafes. We also host the Tour Down Under cycling race, used to hold a Formula 1 Grand Prix on a street circuit through the city itself, and also have arguably the most beautiful cricket ground in the world, Adelaide Oval.

                    Adelaide Airport, however, is one of the crappiest in the country. With only one jetway (for international flights only) and service from Qantas, Virgin Blue, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and Cathay Pacific. Qantas appreciates Adelaide so much that MH is actually Adelaide's major international carrier, not QF.
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                      Louisville, Kentucky

                      Population: ~1.2 Million

                      Located on the Ohio River in north-central Kentucky, 2 hours south of Indianapolis, 1.5 hours west of Cincinnati, 3 hours north of Nashville, and 3.5 hours east of St. Louis.

                      Elevation 500' AMSL, on the nose.

                      Known for the Kentucky Derby (Churchill Downs), Louisville Slugger, Marlboro cigarettes, Jack Daniels, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

                      Two local airports, Louisville Bowman Field (KLOU) and Louisville International Airport (KSDF). Bowman is primarily a GA airport seeing between 400 and 450 prop operations per day, with a few Citations and Lears thrown in, while SDF is the principal commercial airport in the region, handling about 5 million passengers a year on 180 daily flights fom all the majors, and a few of the minors.

                      Additionally, SDF is home to UPS' largest worldwide air hub, with UPS operating some 250 daily departures from the airport.


                      Weather: It's "inconsistent."

                      Average winter snowfall here is 22 inches, which means absolutely nothing. One winter (like last, where it snowed 57 days), we'll receive 50-60 inches of snow; the next, one two inch 'storm' will be all we get for the entire season. Despite the amount of snow we receive, people here are apparently unaccustomed to it, so things begin to close down with 1-2 inches of snow on the roads, which can be nice sometimes.

                      Summer is hot and humid, with the average July-August temperature hovering at 91-97°f. Being in the Ohio Valley, it's quite humid, and overall, makes you really appreciate air conditioning.

                      Spring and Autumn are beautiful though, with crisp blue skies, dry conditions, and very mild temperatures.

                      Subways: No
                      Light Rail: No
                      Busses: Yes

                      Malls: 10+ probably; not a fan of malls though.

                      Favorite Hangout: I'm too old to 'hang out,' but there are several clubs and bars here which I enjoy. And there's always the runway...

                      Overall, not a bad place to live. It's got the conveniences of a major city (tons of great authentic restaurants, the arts, shopping, commerce, etc.) without the hassles (major traffic problems, high cost of living, overcrowding, crime, etc.). I can think of worse places to live, that's for sure.

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                        Well, I live in Chesterfield, Missouri, a nice, quiet, affluent (well, wish I was) suburb of St. Louis, by the banks of the Missouri River, now slowly becoming an office building town.

                        Population: Somewhere around 45000 people. (St. Louis County has 1M and the Metro region has around 2.5M)

                        Airports: Commercial: KSTL
                        There's a nice GA airport here called Spirit of St. Louis, serving a lot of private flights.

                        Malls: A lot!!! (mainly strip malls)
                        But the main ones are the Chesterfield Mall, at the intersection of Olive Blvd. and Highway I-64/US-40; and Chesterfield Commons, maybe the largest strip mall in Missouri.

                        Hangouts: Maybe Chesterfield Mall, together with Yiayia's Eurocafe and a bar at Hilltown which name I forgot.

                        Subway: As if!!!

                        Buses: This town is not very public-transport friendly, and it has only ONE measly bus route, but there's a connector system that has solved it a little bit.

                        You can find out more about Chesterfield at:


                        A Colombian guy moved by the winds of fate to St. Louis, MO


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                          Oakdale, N.Y, Long Island.

                          Population 8075

                          Located 55 miles east of New York City on the South Shore of Long Island along the Great South Bay and the Connetquot River Oakdale is a town of not only natural beauty but a town rich in American history.

                          Known as Long Island's Gold Coast Oakdale was the summer retreat for industrial giant William K. Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt’s 100+ ache estate named Idle Hour is now home to about 2000 Oakdale residents including myself and is surrounded by turn of the century buildings constructed by Vanderbuilt to remind him of some of his favorite world cities including Rome, and Venice. Vanderbuilt went so far to bring Venice to Idle Hour that he created manmade channels all throughout the community.

                          The centerpiece of Idle Hour and Oakdale is the Vanderbuilt mansion which is now Dowling College's main campus and where I my Bachelor’s degree. Dowling College is one of New York states premier business, education, and aviation colleges. Oakdale was also home to Bourne estate that became LaSalle Military academy for more the 30 years and very recently became St. John University's Long Island Campus.

                          Oakdale is an affluent town with many homes priced over 1 million dollars but still retains a strong sense of community spirit and pride. Never a summer night goes by that people taking an evening stroll stop and chat with one and another about community events. Everybody knows everybody in Oakdale and when the Italian Ice house opens for the season years of tradition are passed on from generation to generation as old friends meet new friends to enjoy a tasty cherry flavored ice and gossip about world events.

                          Oakdale is also surrounded and filled with natural beauty. Mazes of channels and natural wetlands make South Oakdale picturesque place to live. From the north we have the enormous Connetquot State Park, which is home to a stunning array of wildlife including animals as common as deer to the occasional Bald Eagle. On the west the Connetquot River neighbors us, and to the south we have the Great South Bay. Both bodies of water provide months of fun filled boating, fishing, claming, crabbing, and just sheer serenity watching the sun set with your best girl at your side. Oakdale is just a great town and a great place to live, I hope to never leave.


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                            Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

                            Old roman city (Venta Belgarum was the roman name) so people have lived in this area for over 2000 years
                            Was the capital of Wessex and England before London
                            King Alfred was reputed to have 'burnt the cakes' here and is commemorated with a large statue in the City.
                            Its cathedral is over 900 years old and is one of the biggest in Europe (it has the longest knave but no steeple)
                            Its court is the 3rd most senior in the country so a lot of high publicity criminals are put on trial here (Ian Markham is the most recent)
                            One of the oldest public schools in the country (if not the oldest) - Winchester College

                            Local airport is Eastleigh (Southampton International) from where the Spitfire first flew in March 1936
                            Only 40 minutes away from Farnborough - the home of British aviation
                            Only about 1 hour drive away from Heathrow, 1 1/2 from Gatwick, London is only 1 hour by train and ferries to France can be caught from Portsmouth which is only 30 minutes away.


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                              Parker, Colorado
                              - In the fastest growing, wealthiest county in the US
                              - The second most boring and overpopulated town in the State
                              - Has an airport that lost federal funding because it refused to take dialy commercial airline flights. (Excellent spotting areas, no planes)
                              - Very cold winters , Hot summers
                              - No special history I know of.