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    Hey .. guys !

    I found an australian Cop forum for Ansett. ..
    There he can share his police officer stories.
    I know the guys over there would be appreciative for him..
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      FMD I can't keep up with you lot.I'm too old,past my bedtime and can only type with one frigin finger.
      Janni it has nothing to do with his identity...........there is still a remote possibility he may a Police Officer, it is purely the BS he tries to pull on you.
      I certainly do not have evidence that he is not and have mentioned that fact before.
      And.......You can trust me I have never told a lie on the internet.

      Hey John you have to be an Aussie cop to be a member.
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        But in the meantime I'll hold my real comments back untill we get a reply from Ansett.

        Im complying to the Forum Harmony and Peace. lol
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          Lol, what a great way to start off the day.

          What did they teach you in the army Greg? "Never say die?"

          What pisses me off is what was mentioned in previous posts, Whateva I post in this forum is always being questioned and frankly I am sick to death of it.
          There is no way that you can prove that I am a cop, and there is nothing to say you were in the army. You can keep on questioning my identity till the day you or I decide to leave this forum.

          It seems Greg, we have both got off to the wrong foot between you and myself and my last post saying that your an old codger was meant to be a joke, though i do apologise if you have taken it the wrong way.

          Seconldy, you must know this by now that any reporter either TV / Radio / Newspaper in Australia twist the facts so its more "captivating" and that not always the "true" facts are givin out to the media........... Who is to say that newspaper article was this incident, lol

          Well done Greg you found out where I got my picture from, congratulations. Want a medal. Man it just shows that you have simply too much spare time, sitting infront of your computer for hours on end eating sugar coated donuts and drinking VB? You'll get a beer belly

          Simply to round it off, I dont give a **** what people think about me here but i seems i do have a couple of people who are willing to stick behind me regardless of what happens and I shake there hands, where as you come in question my judgement after a couple of posts and expect people to belive you straight away.
          I know when i was in the academy i was taught that you always must make freinds in this job cause you will never know when you will need them and i take that where ever I go......................
          How about taking a leaf out of the academys book? Though If (see we all can question) you were in the army your instructor would have taught you that you must make freinds. Or if it was a desk job then................
          I know that i am a cop, and don't care what you guys think. I just have to remember when posting in the forum next time to think what i write, cause i can't be bothered trying to explain my identity and my posts are always witchunted.
          Right I am off to work........................

          In connection with this post "Hijacking" I am single.
          Some people in today's society are so thick!