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Crisis in Education - a "must read"

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  • Crisis in Education - a "must read"

    My only comment on this is if you want to ensure 100% attendance records at school and voluntary flunking of exams so you don't have to leave school.......

    So why did i not have any teachers such as this ?????

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    She could lean on me anytime...

    Hot Teacher.... I wish my teacher was this hot..

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      I should move to Florida before it's too late. I still have one more year to go


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        Honestly, its ridiculous that what a teacher does outside the classroom, school, and domain of the public education system matters so greatly. She didn't break any laws. She didn't do anything society at large considers immoral. There's more skin in a Victoria's Secret ad than 95% of those pictures. She teaches, but it's not like she got a projector and started screening Jenna Jameson movies to 9 year olds.

        I wouldn't mind it if she taught my children if she kept her private life outside her school life. I mean...the fact that she teaches children too young to consider typing "porn+boobs" in a search engine and that she clearly tried to separate her school life from her hobby should vindicate her (note she did use a fake name for the photo shoot).

        Typical Floridan idiocy.