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Took the plunge off the deep end today!

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  • Took the plunge off the deep end today!

    And bought a MAC-MINI!!!!!

    I know its the smaller MAC but for the $$$ I could not pass it up! Got the Duo-Core unit DVD Burner/1.66 or so Chip + extended care + A real registered copy of Photoshop CS for $1000 including tax!!!!!

    Photoshop CS Intel for the MAC will be out soon so I will be able to upgrade for a small price.

    Ok couple of ?'s for you computer wizards! I used Firefox before getting the MAC. Am I able to import my bookmarks and stuff from my old computer to the new one?

    I also have a copy of Office XXXX Pro for MAC coming shortly (its legit also!) Is there a file where I can copy to my new computer now that will import all my old mail over?

    Thanks folks.

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    See if you can find a file called bookmarks.bak on your old computer, thats the file you can use to import your bookmarks.
    I'm not sure Firefox is compatible with MAC though?


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      Flame-fox should be available and compatible to MAC OS as well.

      Check link below.
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