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You know its going to be a fun period when...

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  • You know its going to be a fun period when...

    Well last friday afternoon, it was study and i had a ton of biology work to do, and the teacher (who is a PE teacher) comes in all pissed off. One brave person asked why, she replied "Im not allowed to put 'Buy your son a bra and a treadmill' on some guys report."

    It was the most laid back period Ive had in a while. The whole class joined in on discussions about work mainly fast food since there were a ton of us that worked in fast food places of some sort. Apparently the crew room in Pizza Hut is rotting with spagalimis and other pizza places boxes cause no one buys their own in fear of someone spitting in them cause no one gets along. We also got the logic behind the "Pizza Mutt" ad which is Pizza Hutts latest TV ad. Some guy never got over the fact an employee would spit in the pizzas if they dont like the guy making it.

    Whenever someone swore they had to do the chicken dance with the whole class singing the music, by the end of it i was soo sick of singing "na na nanana na na (to the right timing).

    Biology didnt go so well, i never got around to finishing my work, i got 25%.

    Dunno what made me remember that afternoon but it was damn enjoyable.
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    My classes arn't fun, so I make them fun. Whenever I have a sub, the first thing I do is test them out to see how much they actually care about what we do. Once I find out they don't care what we do, I take over the class. I'm probably the biggest live-wire/prankster in the school, which has earned me many referals and a regular seat in detention.


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      I've gotten ISS (in school suspension) for photoshoping a picture....

      Basically what happend is one of my friends sent me a picture of him holding a girl in his arms. So I took his face and moved it down to where the girl's face was, and replaced his head with Michael Jackson's which I found on the internet. The photo was really funny and everyone thought so, so then the next school day before school we went to the library and my friend started printing a bunch of them off my photobucket account. We were fooling around and raising hell, then the librarian (who is so nazi about everything) came back to the library, so at that point I left because I didn't want to get in trouble, but my two friends got caught since the one that started printing the pictures set each of the two printers to print about 10 copies, and they were chasing each other around fighting for the copies. So the kid that started printing the pictures got banned from the library for 2 weeks, and I thought that was it. But at lunch I got called the the vice principle's office, and I saw my friend there, so I was like "oh shit". Then the vice principle called me in and asked if I made the photo, and I said no, that someone else at another school in town had made it, and the vice principle was like "this is very bad" "you put the kid in the hands of a child molestor" "the cops can get involved in this" "you offended many people" etc etc and I was just like "it's very obviously a fake photoshop picture, whats the big deal". Apperantly (probabaly from my friend, who was there long before that) the vice principle figured out that I did make the photo, but since I didn't confess but just lied about it, there was no hard evidence. So and me and my friend just started BSing the questions he asked (the vice principle didn't even know what a photobucket was, or photoshop for that matter), so after spending over a period sitting in the discipline room, I got sent back to class. Then the next day after first period, I got called down for ISS... damn that was boring. Then the day after that, everyone was asking me what I did to get in trouble (since I'm not one of those people that always causes problems, and is usually quiet and doens't say much in class) and when I told them, everyone found the story really hillarious, even my English teacher who you can tell stuff like that to and she wouldn't get you in trouble wanted to know, and found it funny. So for that I was pretty popular for like a day, and all my friends found it pretty funny too and I also find it pretty funny as I look back on it. Although at the time, I was pretty scared, but after all I got was just ISS, it is a pretty damn funny way to get in trouble the last 2 school weeks of senior year.

      And on a side note, the kid whose picture I photoshoped got sent home that day too because he punched me and the other kid who was printing the pictures in the nuts for making the picture.

      So thats my funny school story....


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        I'll post some of the pictures I photoshopped of my friends on here, the ones that won't get me banned anyway.

        I live to mess with people, I'm a total prankster. I could go on for hours with everything I've done. Some of the more recent things I've done:
        -Signed all the teachers up for a gay porn mailing list and hundreds of spam e-mails(made it onto the announcements)
        -Hacked into the teachers/administrators e-mail accounts at our rival highschool and raised hell
        -Running through the hallways everyday at lunch jumping over everyone whos sitting down, and stalking random kids around campus.
        -Dressing like hitler, and along with several people dressed as nazi's and crashed the talent show.

        I made a video series that I'll post here once its on Youtube.